Thursday, June 30, 2005

Microsoft in Politics

Bill Gates may claim to not feel threatened by Linux, and yet they're doing some heavy politicking in an intricate web to advance their interests. In fact, there may be as many as three companies lobbying on Capitol Hill on behalf of the software giant. Not all this effort goes against Linux per se, but you know something is up when a consumer advocate claims that the open source platform stifles innovation. What's disconcerting is how much money they've been lumping onto the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Maybe that would explain why Bill is having more litigation issues in Europe than it is stateside. It's just disturbing to thing how many big players Gates holds in his back pocket. This is why Microsoft is so hated. Whereas competitors are really busting their butts, M$ has enough money to buy its way out of any problems. Not to say that their rivals are saints, but I don't think their web of deceit is quite as complicated.

In further tech news, Microsoft has also been in the news for something else: Longhorn. The recent announcement of RSS compatibility has turned some heads and now security experts are concerned of possible holes via the service. I really think that M$ will have troubles no matter what it adds to Longhorn just because Windows has such a huge market share. Meanwhile, Google is facing a lawsuit regarding click fraud of all things! Haven't they been actively fighting this for a while now? There must be something I'm missing, but I don't think they'll lose the case anyway. They've actually opened the API for Google Maps now for all you webheads out there. Fujitsu is developing what they hope to be the de facto technology for palm vein authentication all over the globe. There's an amazing amount of demand out there and futuristic stuff like this always gets me all dorky excited. The MPAA has really gotten heated up about the Star Wars piracy (despite the disgusting amount of money they raked in on it) and so the FBI in cooberation with 10 other nations has started cracking down and recovered an alleged "$50 million" worth of damages. They're really getting smart and I'm curious to see if they rattled any serious chains. I've been out of the warez game for too long to recognize any names. Lastly, Merill Lynch has estimated that the PS3 will costs $494 to build, but that Sony will charge $399 for it to stay competitive with the Xbox 360. None of this information is really official, but $399 definitely sounds like a reasonable price (though to you and me it does look pricey) for what's in the box and given what Microsoft will charge (probably about the same).

I'm going to keep the movie news short because I'm hungry and it's almost time for dinner. As if there hasn't been enough trailers for The Island there's now one more that's largely similar to previous ones with some added scenes here and there. Given what I've heard so far, I'm already worried about this movie turning out well. If you need more multimedia check out 11 new clips from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They should really get you in the mood to see the movie on July 15. JoBlo has an exclusive poster for Cannes Grand Prix winner Broken Flowers featuring Bill Murray among a host of great actresses, and the trailer makes the movie look like it really is great. Lastly, check out this poster from the next movie from the creators of Oldboy in their sadistic revenge trilogy:

Looks interesting

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

1. Have you ever been camping? If yes, do you go often? If not, why not?
I have been, and that was at Big Bend in the 7th grade. I don't go often because my family was never into camping and I don't know anyone to go with. I wouldn't mind doing it should the opportunity arise, hopefully before I start working (post-college working that is).

2. Are you an outdoorsy person, or would you rather stay inside the comfort of your house? Why?
Both. It depends on how tired I am from the week. I love going outside when the weather is nice, especially biking or rock climbing or swimming. Camping would be fun too, or even kayaking. I'm open to a lot of things.

3. Which do you prefer, hot weather or cold weather? Why/why not? How do you cope with each?
Cold weather I think. At least with cold weather I can keep bundling up, but with hot weather it just gets to be unbearable. Plus, I just hate to sweat that much. In Houston it gets so hot that I wish I could bathe like 3 times a day or at least carry some deoderant in my back pocket.

Not sure if I'll post tomorrow night, but it should be up Saturday morning I think. The reason is a family gathering I believe I have to attend tomorrow night.

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