Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coldplay Mania

Pretty colors

I can't understand how anyone can not love Coldplay because they're just so good at making music everyone can enjoy. I'm sure you've seen that image before adorning their site and album cover, so what does it mean? Well, the colors are meaningless but if you replace every colored block with a '1' and every empty space with a '0' (and read it in reverse like all binary code), you get a base 5 binary representation of "X & Y". This is called Baudot code. It's very creative since it ties in so well with the theme of their album: variables in life that are unexpected or unknown. I just watched Storytellers: Coldplay and I could feel the energy of the band just by watching them on VH1. You can catch some extra interviews with them over here. They'll rerun the show a lot so try to catch it. In addition to that (and the stuff that has been shown on MTV), Coldplay is also on AOL Music with a live performance of several songs. To top it off, early reports suggest that the new album is outselling the White Stripes' album three to one! It's a great week for them and with good reason. I think I like this new album the best because unlike the previous albums it leaves nothing to be desired. No wonder it took them 18 months to make!

The techie news today isn't too bad. Google is now the largest media company by stock overrunning former heavyweight Time Warner. It's a pretty big deal for them to be worth $80 billion and I salute them. Speaking of Time Warner though, AOL is launching a free web mail service featuring 2 GB of space and with tight integration into the new version of AIM. You can even delete sent messages if the recipient is an AOL/AIM user and has not yet read it! It's good to see them thinking again. A London man dubbed the world's biggest hacker has now been arrested and will soon be extradited to the States due to his extreme hacking on NASA and Pentagon servers to prove some sort of UFO cover-up. I think he'll deserve the punishment they'll dish out. Now that Apple has decided to move onto Intel some in the OS community believe that it'll knock out Longhorn and Linux with more compatibility for Intel chip-based software. Lastly, if you want to read an insight into upcoming virus trends you should check out this blogger who suggests that they'll get more complex and more widespread on P2P.

There's some pretty juicy movie news today. Mission Impossible: 3 has received a final greenlight with a small budgetary cut, which was apparently the problem in the first place, and the movie has added Seymour Hoffman to the cast as the main villain. The problem with giving this film a go is that Paramount couldn't afford Watchmen and so they dropped the comic movie. This was a huge shock as the movie was hotly anticipated and will hopefully get picked up by a smarter studio. If you need more juicy stuff you should hear what X3 director Bret Ratner told MTV about how Bryan Singer wasn't satisfied with the movie's script, which strikes concern in me. Oh, and the chair of Fox revealed that their next comic movie focus would be on the Silver Surfer, who is a total badass. I think Justin Lin is a promising director because of Better Luck Tomorrow and I'm confused as to why he signed on to direct Fast and the Furious 3, but I guess that's counterbalanced by his decision to direct the American remake of Oldboy. There's word that the upcoming teaser trailer of King Kong will be a big tease so I wouldn't get too pumped for it. Lastly, IGN got its hands on some action-packed footage of Mr. and Mrs. Smith so take a look if you're interested.

Before I conclude I wanted to bring up an issue from this Insider article that many of you might not be able to view about this:

I still think she's pretty

What am I referring to? Lude material on the PSP. Apparently, the media capabilities of the PSP leaves it vulnerable to being a medium for pornographic material; in Japan at least. Such content is unacceptable stateside but I find it interesting that it's more easier to fit into Japanese culture with more couples holding off on children meaning that there are many more adult customers than children. Just a little cultural education for you guys.

I'm now pleased to present the Wednesday Mind Hump:

Scoop One: Create an ice cream, one that doesn't already exist and that contains some of your favorite things -- list the ingredients and give it a humpilicious name i.e. Banana ice cream with bits of pecans -- Nutty Monkey. Get as creative as you want with any ingredients.
I'm gonna call mine the Funkatron 2005. Why? Because I can! It'll have vanilla ice cream, oreo cookie pieces, black and white chocolate swirls, and bits of brownie. It would be horrible for your tummy but a triumph for your mouth so it all balances out. ;)

Scoop Two: We can always do with a little extra. Besides money, what could you use an extra scoop of today? Patience, smiles, memory? You name it! Also, if you could give a double scoop of something to your best friend, what would it be? Anyone else you'd like to give a double scoop to? Whom and what?
Longer penis. Just kidding; I wish I had a camera to take a picture of your face when you read that besmirchment on my otherwise clean blog! =P I could use a scoop of sensibility so that I could monitor my cluttering and start slowing down my speech more. My best friend is basically perfect but my next closest friend, who will remain nameless but knows who he is, could use a double scoop of focus. He's making a bad choice this fall and I wish he'd get his life back on track because he's quite intelligent otherwise. I think I'd also give my room mate a double scoop of cleanliness! ;)

Scoop Three: Let's play "I say, you think" with a little twist. Coming up are several phases -- read them and respond with the first thing(s) that come to your mind. Things that you lick. Things shaped like a cone. Things that melt.
Lollipop. That crazy Madonna wonder bra. Chocolate bars!

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