Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Geeky Lover

I'm pretty happy to have encountered this article today detailing why girls should dig the geek more. *points to self* Unfortunately, it's not working too well for me. I guess I'm wearing some cologne that screams to girls who only want geeks as friends. Oh well, I'm sure with more articles like this my problems will melt away! I actually agree with a lot of the article. I think the reason nerds have issues are because of self-confidnece problems. I think I'm getting more and more past that, but in any case geeks aren't very self-absorbed and so it only makes sense that they'd focus a lot on a girl. What else are we gonna do?! Play World of Warcraft? I think even the nerdiest of geeks would prefer a chick over a game. I don't know if I like the way the article treats us as if we have to be put up with and stuff because I'm low maintenance and I have very few quirks but I'm definitely a nerd. Anyway, the bad boys are for the short run but remember that geeks will support you in the long run. So if you see that 5'5" Indian Computer Science major you just can't get enough of then make a move because he won't disappoint! ;)

Have no fear though, I still have plenty of technology news to report. Tiger OS may spell the end of the famous Apple finder because Spotlight makes it so easy to find files with its indexing technique. I find it fascinating how things that seem so strange (the elimination of folders in this case) become the norm in computing so quickly. If you want to hear something more extreme though, you should read this guy's opinion on Apple possibly merging with Intel to help take down Microsoft! I know they're both allies in hating M$, but would they really merge? There's another neat editorial over here about how much more superior the keyboard is to the mouse, and it's true when you think about it. Why must we continue to move our right hand away to navigate a mouse? If you're as cheap as I am and reluctant to upgrade stuff too early, you should take a look at this brief article explaining when's the right time to upgrade for certain items. It turns out that Google Map hacks are not ok as stated in this letter from Google, which is very polite and makes sense why people can't use Google Maps on their sites. While Google's legal department was working on that, their map team started on creating 3D maps of more US cities, and next on the list is San Francisco. It'd be cool if they came to Austin. Lastly, computer scientists should check out this humorous story discussing a house hypothetically built by today's software engineers.

The movie news today is alright; quite a bit of media. There's finally a trailer for The 40-year-old Virgin that reveals the basic idea of the film a little more, but I can't decide how funny it will be yet though I love Steve Carrell. There's a final trailer for Bad News Bears over here, and yet it doesn't make the movie look any better. I still don't get who the intended audience is. The last new trailer is for the screen adaptation of Rent, which could theoretically trump Chicago if it's done right. Another early review of Land of the Dead suggests that it'll be one of the best horror movies of our time and possibly a better social commentary than the previous two since it comments on the yuppyism of the 90s (like in American Psycho) and today's post-9/11 era. You can see a more explicit trailer of the movie at its site as well as a couple of TV spots. Of course another heavyweight this summer is Batman Begins (as if I haven't publicized it enough) and if you want to hear more from Lucius Fox and James Gordon you can head over here. There are a few new details about Grind House regarding the order of the two films and the trailers and such, but we're still awaiting plot details from Rodriguez and Tarantino. Lastly, there's a charming review of Howl's Moving Castle at IGN if you're into the animated movie scene. I'm actually interested in giving this one a look.

Nice animation work

Before I end this post I have to express my distaste for the upcoming extensions of the Patriot Act. Now they can demand documents from companies without judicial approval! It makes sense in the context of terrorism, but isn't this a window into possible abuses? I'm definitely not comfortable with the added power. While I'm on randomness, I should mention that Jessica Alba looked hot at the MTV Movie Awards.

Now for the Thursday Threesome:

Onesome: I could really-- get into what or who musically this week? Have you run across anything or anyone new to share with the gang?
Definitely the Coldplay. As cool as Audioslave is, Coldplay has just been everywhere and so getting their new songs stuck in my head has been cool because it makes me happy to think of them.

Twosome: Use-- Hey, what do you use for most of your cooking? The microwave? ...or the toaster oven? Regular oven? Weber grill?
My mom uses a gas stove as I used to in Austin, but for now I'm using the toaster oven a lot for bread and Lean Pockets and such.

Threesome: A shower-- ...and the softball of the week: shower or bath? What's your preference. Okay, pool or hot tub (if you had one or both )?
I have to say shower. I don't like the idea of soaking in my skin follicles and dirt unless I take a shower afterwards and I'm surprised that so many other people like it. It's not like a hot tub where the water is nice and warm, but rather it's just room temperature water! How is that relaxing or cleanly?

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