Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Human Mind in Continuum

I'm disappointed that none of my regular readers tried to guess my 2 lies (don't think I don't know who you are). However, a lovely lady named Liz guess correctly: the lies were 6 and 8. I've always wanted to check out the UT Law building but never have. And I guess the name of this blog was a dead giveaway for my loser status. Girls have only been trouble for me anyway so we'll see what happens when I run into a worthwhile one. The topic at hand is the realization that our brains do not work like a computer but rather in a continuous state. In other words, it's not like the bit manipulations of a computer where the mind goes through discrete states, but rather there can be fluctuations in between two states and there are unique interpretations. This would also imply continuous sensory input, which makes sense since you do piece together the meaning of a sentence as you get it. This is just an alternate model, but it does sound like it makes a lot of sense as opposed to the computer-based model.

There is of course still more news for nerds to go. You know that you're an important company when Microsoft puts .NET on hold to deal with you. They're working on it much more slowly now, but they seem all fired up and ready to duke it out in the search arena with Google. Google has been in the news a lot lately, and now someone has even cracked their new video player to play other content as well. I'm curious as to whether Google was pissed off about that or not. Meanwhile, Apple has decided to combine it iPod line with its iPod Photo line to make all future iPods in color. They also seem to be half-heartedly excited about podcasters being able to sell their podcasts and not have Apple get involved with it. Sun decided to change its strategy and will no longer be working on selling Linux for desktops. Instead, they've decided to enter the laptop game with their first ever laptop computer. Of course it's mainly for scientists and engineers, but a bit change for them nonetheless.

There's not too much movie news today. It turns out that George Lucas just doesn't want to let go of his clutch on Star Wars and has now decided to put all six films into 3-D format. It may look a little better, but am I the only person who think that he's beating a dead horse here? In the X3 world, there are watered down rumors of Mike Vogel in the running for the role of Angel, but he may be committed to another movie already. There also seems to be word of interest in an X-men spinoff revolving around the students at Xavier's school, but I'm just not feeling it. Yahoo! Movies put up a trailer for Into the Blue, which is only noteworthy because Jessica Alba wears a bikini in said movie. War of the Worlds came out today, but if you need more reason to see it Moriarty put up his review. If you still haven't seen Cinderella Man though, you should go to an AMC theater where they have a money-back guarantee on the flick. I highly reccomend it myself, so go see it. Lastly, the real-life Domino Harvey died on Monday, and I wonder if recent events in her life leading up to this were the reasons behind the movie being pushed back. She really looks more like a bounty hunter than her former profession of fashion model:

Don't shoot!

Now for my favorite meme of the week, the Wednesday Mind Hump:

If you had a remote control that hypnotizes people you encounter throughout the day. List examples of the things you would have other people do at the push of a button in the following categories.

01. Useful

I'd have my government teacher stop blabbing so much during class about random nonsense so that I could either go home quicker or talk more to the cute girl who sits behind me.

02. Pranks
I kind of wonder what my government teacher's reaction would be to someone putting a whoopee cushion on his seat. Either that, or an opened condom on his desk. Just for kicks.

03. Significant Other or Parents
I'd have my mom talk in a softer voice! She talks so loudly all the time. She doesn't try to yell, and yet she does because she's so bloody loud.

And an optional example --

04. Mean

I saw a guy from high school at the gym I never liked (who will remain nameless so that he doesn't IM me and beg me to take his name off), and I would've like to have seen him do a rep on the bench press where he couldn't lift it up and no one would help him for while.

05. You have a magic remote control which instantly transports you to your happy place but only for 30 minutes (the average amount of total commerical time during a two hour made for TV movie. Also you can only do it once a day with no rollover minutes. lol Describe your happy place.
In the arms of a hot chick? Probably not, because I'd probably find out that she was taken like every other girl in my life and that wouldn't be very happy. I guess just drinking and dancing with my cousins with all my work taken care of and no school projects or tests in the near future. That was the last time I was really happy in recent months.


Mike said...

As for the mind working on continuous states... I'd argue that's bullshit. Why?

Quantum mechanics, that's why!

Even if it appears continuous, deep down, it's still discrete. The discreteness is just really small.

But hey, that's just my physicist self talking. It certainly makes sense that we don't work just like computers, in that we don't have very obvious, binary discreteness. When you see an image, you don't see pixels (although even that is truly discrete, since we have thousands of individual photosensors in the form of rods and cones, so really, the discreteness is so small that it just looks continuous).

LizzieDaisy said...

Okay, this from a non-physicist. My sisters both started out as physics majors, does that count? Probably not, physics is why I dropped out of Engineering. Ugh. Hate physics. Anyhoo...

You said I was lovely. You are now in my will. :)

I do want to point you to two things though...

I am married to an engineer. I hang with "nerds." I love them. Remember one thing... geeks shall inherit the earth. And they will run the companies. :)

Trust me, if you truly think you are a geek/nerd (and think this is a BAD thing), you'll get over it once the money starts rolling in. So will the girls if it's actually a problem. My guess... it's all in your attitude. And where you hang out. If you hang out. Do you hang out anywhere other than the computer lab?? :)

Anyway... if you ever need some cash, come my way and fix my blog for me. Stupid thing won't work and I can't figure out why.

Have a great weekend!