Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Power of Water

I actually just came back from the kitchen after drinking like half a bottle of water, so there's one demonstration of its power. What I wanted to mention though was this article about this dude who discovered that water can be harnessed to get unlimited energy. Crazy, huh? Apparently, water 3,000 feet below sea level is extremely cold and by sticking a pipe down there we can have power. That water could run underneath crops to irrigate them, it could replace coolants and compressors in air conditioning units, and by drawing both warm water and cold water so that the warm water could become steam to drive an electric turbine. It's hard to understand, but that article just gives me a vibe that this guy is just one of those genius types. If the concept of something like this is old, why has no one else put two and two together? I'm really waiting for the day when our dependency on oil crumbles and we can move onto alternative fuels. Water would really be quite an interesting choice.

My alternate main topic today was going to be on the Xbox 360 due to two new articles about it. The first is from a group of people who have determined the OS its based on to be something all on its own but in a nutshell it's just an evolved form of the Xbox OS, which was rooted in Windows 2000. That means that it will be a software platform all on its own for developers to learn, and I wonder if that could be a setback for them. What's more interesting is the Xenon CPU that powers it, and I reccomend that all you tech-heads give it a read because it's quite interesting. It turns out that it can do a lot of graphical operations dynamically based off of some vector data, and it can handle some pretty crazy multithreading (which I'm sure the PS3 can do and much more). For those of you still on a mouse with a ball or used to a laptop you may want to check out this mouse round-up exploring the pros and cons of the top players in the market. If you have an iPod then you'll be overjoyed to learn of this Winamp plug-in that can transfer files from your iPod to your computer and you can even use Winamp instead of iTunes to manage your songs should you feel so inclined. I think Winamp is a great piece of software, and that plug-in is an awesome idea. There's a new DVD on the horizon from Iomega called the NG-DVD that can hold up to 100 times the capacity of current DVDs at unheard of speeds, but its extent of competing with the HD-DVD and Blu-ray is currently unknown. And finally, the official BitTorrent search engine is online and looks much like Google, but I wonder how long it will be before they get sued.

There's some pretty decent movie news today. Recently there was a screening of the first 45 minutes of The Island and early reviews sound pretty optimistic. I wouldn't be shocked if this blew of of Michael Bay's other movies away. A very barebones Da Vinci Code site has been put online now with a really nifty intro for those who enjoyed the book. A new Japanese poster for War of the Worlds is up and is quite different from our poster though it doesn't add a whole lot to the effect of the hotly anticipated film. There seem to be rumblings that a doctor from ER could play James Bond in the Casino Royale remake, and I'm sure the studio is eating up all this free publicity. With the closing of The Contender, Host Sylvester Stallone announced his plans to move forward with Rambo IV. If you're really interested in Madagascar you can read about a recent press conference, but the only aspect of it that inspired any confidence from me in the animated feature is the impressive roster of actors they have. I'd really like it to be good, but I have my concerns. A few animated voices died this week and I bring it up because I grew up on the likes of Fred Flinstone, Jet Screamer, and Tony the Tiger. They'll surely be missed by our generation and those preceding us. Some unimpressive pictures of The Fantastic Four have gone online and I wouldn't click here if I was someone obssessed with the movie being a home run. We can keep our fingers crossed I guess though since Jessica Alba is so hot. Lastly, JoBlo got a lot of pictures from Batman Begins including this classic shot:


There are a few bits of randomness to go. The Fed seems to have some disagreement in the ranks about the direction of the economy, though they seem to agree that rates this low are bound to fuel inflation. Are we really in a transition period? Will the economy plummet? Or will our good luck continue? Stay tuned to life for more! I thought this site listing A, B, and C lists of blogs was rather humorous, but yours truly has been jipped of status on all three! Go figure. If you need something to waste your time on, check on this cute game called Tontie, which I suck at and can only get to level 7 on.

Now for the Midweek Music Meme:

What music do you like best for a roadtrip? Do you like relaxing music to get you into that kicked-back vacation mode, or songs that really get you revved up & excited?
I definitely preferred the revved up stuff. Relaxing music is great for studying or taking naps, but not for road trips. You need all the energy you can get to stay awake and ready for the good times ahead of you

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