Monday, May 02, 2005


Did you ever think that the radio is a rather primitive technology? In a world of high-definition television and mp3 players and noice-cancelling headphones and such, it's a little weird that we still listen to music on such a low-quality network. I actually didn't know that there was a new thing nowadays called podcasting where you can broadcast music and other types of files to mp3 players, kind of like Tivo. Yes, like Tivo you can even record through it! An old MTV personality, Adam Curry, is creating a podcast that will broadcast the best amateur shows to iPods and other mp3 players who have the required software installed. Sirius was the first to move into the service, but others are jumping on the bandwagon as well. I think it's a pretty awesome idea, and it'll work out better if providers like Sirius sell channels for a lower price. I think the most exciting part would be being able to know what songs you listen to as you listen to them and even hold on to them for later listening, which is what you would have to do on a boombox at home on today's primitive radio technology.

The technology news isn't quite as good today as it was on the weekend, so I won't dwell on it for too long. Microsoft is trying a new tactic to promote Longhorn: it will create a team of bloggers who will report about the OS. That's gotta be a new low for them; fabricating enthusiasm for their software. This article is pretty complicated, but there are some neat pictures in it of an automated juice maker! That would be pretty useful if you programmed it to mix drinks for you. Speaking of automation, Sony sent a robot to study with some pre-schoolers, and interestingly enough the kids have grown to get used to him and help him when he falls and stuff. I wish I had a robot in my pre-school class! If you believe in creationism whole-heartedly, then you're dumb and you should read this article disproving the "intelligent design" theory that a Pennsylvania school board is endorsing schools to teach. I like to think that we come from a combination of God's work and of evolution.

The movie news today is quite slim, and much of it is just composed of pictures. First off though, it's been confirmed that Justin Timberlake will be in Shrek 3 as the King's nephew, Arthur, who doesn't want to take over the throne and has to be convinced to do so by Shrek. I hope the movie franchise doesn't lose its fire here. I know it's hard to keep up with movie dates but if you want to know about all the big movies coming out this summer you should check out this feature over at IGN with the skinny on the good and the bad. Now starts the pictures. I'm not a big reader of the Harry Potter books but I do enjoy the movies and so I thought I'd share this rather dignified picture of Hermine with you all:

No, she's not legal you perv

I sincerely hope that no one is counting the days until her 18th birthday. Anyway, there's a picture of hottie Kirsten Dunst starring in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette over here, and I expect great things from it. Apparently, a trailer for Zorro 2 was recently shown on ET so here are some caps from that since Antonio Banderas is such a badass. I think Jodie Foster will be making a rather glorious return back to tbe big screen this year with the release of Flight Plan this September, for which there is now a poster and trailer. It's about the mysterious disappearance of her daughter on an airplane she designed and it sounds hokey but I think it still has potential to be a good thriller.

I have some good news to report in today's randomness. Florida has decided to impose harsher penalties on sex offenders of young children with a 25 year minimum sentence and GPS monitoring for life. I guess sometimes the system does work. As E3 warms up I thought I'd point all you PS2 owners in the direction of Wanda and Colossus, which sounds like it'll be a sweet game. I'll even show a small shot of it:

Nice style

I'm going to try a new meme today called the Monday Music Mambo:

01. In recent years advertisers have been using popular music in commercials. Name two or three of your favorite songs and what product/service those songs might represent.
Favorite songs are hard to pick, so I guess I'll go with songs I can think of right now that I love. I think Talib Kweli's "Get By" could be used in a car commercial for a car driving through New York City or something. "Like a Stone" by Audioslave could be used for something like a battery or just something in general that you need to be dependable maybe. And for the sake of picking one more song, I'll say Kanye West's "Workout Plan" for 24 hour fitness or a similar gym.

02. You are taking a road trip and can only take one cd with you. Which cd would it be?
Right now I think it would be "A Crow Left of the Murder" by Incubus because it provides endless enjoyment.

03. If your pillow played music that relaxed you and helped put you to sleep, what song or music would it play?
Definitely jazz classics and Coldplay. That's the coolest music to fall asleep to if you ask me. And it's ever so soothing.

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