Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Honeymonkey Project


Surprised when you read that? I ran across that among some submissions to the inspirational Love is comic strip and there are some really funny ones. Anyway, I know I promised more E3 stuff today but unfortunately the west wing of the expo was without power so I couldn't see anything exclusive. I did forget to mention yesterday that Nintendo also announced the Gameboy Micro, which is just a palm-size Gameboy. This is obviously an attempt so supplement the DS against Sony's PSP and looks like desperation to me but it is rather stylish. I did want to briefly mention today the Honeymonkey project from Microsoft, which is just a bunch of Windows XP machines crawling the web trying to find exploits. It's quite a clever idea and I'm rather surprised that they never thought of it before. It sounds like all it does it track down what sites put programs outside the IE folder on your computer. I guess we'll know soon enough how well this technique works.

There's not a whole lot else going on in the techie world. MythTV, the Linux-based DVR system, appears to now be ready for subscription services. For a nominal fee not only can you get the programming information but also new themes and features as well as the satisfaction of helping out the Open Source community. Tivo will never know what hit it. If you're not a fan of IE then you'll love this side-by-side look at Firefox and Opera, which concludes that neither one is better than the other but rather that they're for different types of people. It's a great read if you're looking for a new browser. It's sad how rampant software piracy is and how slow results are on the campaign of the producing companies. They don't want to go the RIAA and MPAA route of haphazard lawsuits so they instead focus on the big warez groups, but I think it's funny how some companies consider the piracy a guerilla tactic for spreading the word on their product. You're only spreading the word among more pirates! Lastly, I wanted to point out this article on how vulnerable our personal information is online and that people should start being concerned about how this stuff is handled. All these recent scandals are scary.

I want to start off the movie news with something I forgot to mention yesterday: talks are starting to fall apart regarding a unified format for the next generation of DVDs. Let's not forget the loss of Betamax to VHS; there must be one format and I hope the PS3 supports it. There are a couple of new trailers today. The loveable cartoon characters Wallace and Gromit have a trailer up for their new movie and it actually had me chuckling so I reccomend checking it out. There's a teaser for Da Vinci Code also online and is one of those true teasers that only have words in it (like the Ocean's Twelve one). If you missed Smallville tonight you can watch a clip from the exclusive preview of Batman Begins at the official site. Now for the good stuff: X3 news. IGN scored an interview with Marvel CEO Avi Arad, in which he revealed that Beast will be played by Kelsey Grammar among other great random stuff. Supposedly the only roles left to cast are Angel and Colossus. Lastly, take a look at the Clerks 2 poster (production will begin in September by the way):

Dazzle me Kevin

Now for the Midweek Music Meme:

What two musical genres would you like to see blended?
I'd have to say hip hop and rock. I think The Roots did it well in some of their songs on The Seed 2.0 and I loved the tracks on the Jay-Z/Linkin Park collaboration Collision Course.

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