Monday, May 30, 2005

Definitive Gamers' Wishlist

Before I start I've gotta ask this: am I the only person who feels saddened by compliments on their looks by relatives? It's not that I need people to comment on my looks, in fact I'd prefer they don't because I don't like lies or exaggerations, but rather that I know it's not true. It's not that I think I'm ugly, because I know I'm in the 'meh' range. When your aunt has to tell you that you look good though, something has to be wrong. On that note, I'm just geeky enough about video games to appreciate this list of items gamers worldwide would like to see in the next generation since consoles will likely not cost so much (though that PS3 price couldn't be more unofficial). I agree with the vast majority of those items because you could almost do a comedy routine on some of the ridiculous things you see in video games even today. Like why is it that people get all worked up about screenshots of cg sequences when the game looks and plays like crap? And how am I supposed to know not to walk into a certain part of the land because there's an invisible wall there? I think he takes it a bit far with the nipple thing and his distaste for consoles that do more than just play games. The more stuff it can do the more my purchase is justified. One of the best points he makes is with difficulty. What happened to the olden days of when games actually took time to beat and warranted my hard-earned cash? Some great observations there if you enjoy video games like I do.

For the first time in a little while there isn't too much news for nerds to feast on. A man with a harsh experience with his son with regard to drunk driving has invented a sensor that can be built into your steering wheel to check your BAC. If you're above the legal limit it won't start, and I think it's an awesome idea because drunk driving is a bigger problem than many people think. The Bush administration is trying to further violate our privacy rights by trying to push through the power to strongarm the identities of an ISP's customers from the company. The problem with that power is that it's not going to be used just for terrorism and it's just more than the government really needs at this point. We already have noise-cancelling headphones and microphones, but now you can get an electronic silencer for open spaces such as office cubicles. I think that technology is so neat because I've tried on those headphones and they really work. Lastly, one man is trying to come up with a Chuck E. Cheese for adults that would have computer terminals at tables (Linux-based) that would serve as waiters and entertainments as they would be loaded with video games and trivia games and such. I think it's a great concept given the amount of younger adults who are pretty childish in that respect.

The movie news isn't too shabby today. I apologize for how off my predictions yesterday were because apparently this was a very strong weekend for the box office with Star Wars bringing in over $70 million. If you though that was crazy, it turns out that Madagascar and The Longest Yard both got over $60 million each despite lackluster reviews. In good news, Indiana Jones 4 has met the approval of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg so it's now just awaiting Harrison Ford, who I doubt would be inclined to dislike it. That same article mentions that Chris Tucker did not end up signing a fast track deal for Rush Hour 3 as was previously speculated so things may move a little slower for the comedy flick. Godzilla fans may be saddened to discover that there will only be one more Godzilla film, which was only noteworthy given the number of Godzilla movies that have been made. All I have left now are pictures. There's a really crappy teaer poster online for The Ring 3 in case you wish to face even more disappointment. There are some new shots from the amazing art style of A Scanner Darkly for your viewing pleasure. And last but not least, there are some new pictures from War of the Worlds including this stunning one of Tom Cruise (who is way too in love with my Katie):

Is it ET?!

It's time for some Monday Madness:

This week I'm asking you to choose a letter of the alphabet. Now list the ten items below that begin with the letter you chose....

I choose 'S'.

1. a family member
Shawn (my brother)
2. a movie
3. a game
Silent Hill
4. an automobile
Santa Fe (my mom's new vehicle actually)
5. a fictional character
Silas (in Da Vinci Code)
6. a famous person
Salma Hayek
7. a food
Samosa (click here if you're a noob to Indian food)
8. a household item
Spatula (very handy for making college-style quesadillas)
9. a book
Survivor: A Novel by Church Palahniuk (of Fight Club fame)
10. a song
"Speed of Sound" by Coldplay (new single)

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