Sunday, May 29, 2005

At Last a Beach Visit

After quite a long time since my last visit to the beach I went to Quintana Beach at Freeport with my parents. I think I can best show how good a time I had with the following picture:

I'm glad I cut my toenails

That's what we call a "chapal tan" as I was in the sun all day with my sandals on. Freeport is only about 70 miles outside of Houston and it's less crowded and much cleaner than Galveston so all my dad's side of the family (here in America) managed to make the trip out. It was cool to have everyone together because usually my brother can't go, and I got to drive one of the cars (13 of us, 8 in another van). It was nice to get the experience of driving for so long on the highway since I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep in the backseat anyway. What's great about the beach is being able to act like a kid, which is always fun for me since I don't think my childhood was as carefree as I would've liked it to have been. It was funny to be collected shells to decorate our huge sand castle because I probably looked weird but it was all in good fun so the Hell with it. On my last visit to Freeport I got sunburnt (for the first time ever) but thankfully I did not this time and instead am an even healthier brown than before. A little cultural education for you all: in India the darker you are the less respected you typically are and so it's always a joke among us that our parents warn us about getting darker. It's strange how old stereotypes like that stick around though they should mean nothing in today's modern world.

The technology news isn't too bad with a strange flux of good articles from the New York Times. When my room mates last year started playing World of Warcraft, they were planning on selling their accounts when they reached max level but predictably couldn't let go. However, it's much more common to sell rare items for real money. I think it's funny how something created by a bunch of programmers and artists generates so much money (both for the company and for players). Speaking of programmers, there's an interesting article here about people who have been made millionaires by Microsoft investing their money in great ways, and that's kind of something I'd like to do someday (except not working for M$). Advertisers are starting to take a liking to the television revolution on the web by investigating ways to put video on their sites to showcase products. This means that change is on the way. It makes more sense anyway than that broadcast flag. It would appear that Yahoo! has finally one-upped Google with the introduction of Photo Mail (currently in beta), which makes it easy to send lots of pictures in an e-mail from quite a few different source. I'm glad that they're finally using their noodles! Lastly, I wanted to plug this article discussing the browser wars since all the talk of new versions and market share and such leave most people in the dark on how to proceed.

You know that the movie news is slow when I'm mentioning a JoBlo article about Did You Know? movie facts. It makes sense given the long weekend, and at least I learned from that article that the original Amityville Horror house still exists. Box office numbers aren't in yet, but estimates seem to suggest that Revenge of the Sith will remain at the top but with a much weaker gross. It's no suprise how much the drop was given the fan reaction. There's a strangely violent King Kong action figure made for the movie that you can see here, but we're still lacking real footage/images from the movie.

Before I conclude with a meme I wanted to exhibition this hilarious comic that's truer than you think in some cases:

Show us the pee!

This week I'm going to try the Sunday Brunch:

1) Do you enjoy eating out and why?
I do, but not too often. It's mainly because of the monetary factor. Once I start interning I'll like it more, but in any case I think eating out only a couple times a month makes it a better experience. After all, I also enjoy cooking.

2) Where is your favorite restaurant?
That's a pretty hard choice to make. When it comes to quick, cheap food I'd have to say Pho on the drag in Austin. If price isn't so big a problem though I'd prefer Saltgrass Steakhouse because I love meat, especially steak.

3) What are your standards for tipping?
Unless I'm in a big group or the service was kickass, I keep it at 10%. I think below that is impolite. The most I'll tip is usually 15%. I'll round up or down depending on if he service was actually good or not.

4) Do you have one entree, appetizer or dessert that you specifically go out to get at a restaurant from time to time?
Not really. I like to try different things upon repeated visits to the same restaurant, but sometimes I like to stick to old favorites. It all depends, so in general not really.

5) Describe a horrific experience that you had while dining out.
I haven't really had any. In New York I'll admit that it was quite odd to have my friends urging me to not eat the juicy, sumptuous steak in front of me at Delmonico's, which they were coaxing because it was before quizbowl in an economics competition and they believed the digestion would slow down our brains. Other than that I guess the Prom dinner thing wasn't that great because we had to pay mainly for the environment at a restaurant where the food was only alright and in any case my date was off center for the whole night (not blogging those details here).

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