Monday, January 24, 2005

Homosexuality is Right

"And with a male you shall not lay lyings of a woman" - Leviticus 18:22

Funnily enough, I grew up in a rather traditional Catholic family. My dad is extremely opposed to homosexuality and my mom is in the middle but would kill me if I was gay because she went to a Catholic private school growing up (only private schools in India were actually good). Moving on though, I visited my Latin teacher from 506, Doug Boin, who is gay himself and was a magnificent teacher. It turns out that the main reasons religious zealots condemn same sex relationships lies in Leviticus and Paul. The quote above is a literal translation from the original Hebrew (which I confirmed from my teacher also). The Living Bible says, "Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin." The trick is, there is no word in Hebrew or Greek for homosexuality. More than that though, the important thing is that the context that passage comes from is referring to prostitution in Pagan temples. The people with pens putting it in English were just homophobes. I can't seem to find the Paul passage, but it may have been in Roman. Anyway, basically it was a bit archaic and the context in which he condemned same sex relationships was among people who were actually heterosexual but went against nature and had relations within their sex. If you want to read more, check this out. You'd be surprised how much anti-gay material comes from mistranslated Greek and Hebrew. I could go on about this topic, but maybe another day.

I think I'll continue with some movie stuff. The trailer for Mirror Mask is now up and it looks like it'll be pretty interesting as you can see from its flagship image:


You can check out the trailer by going here and then clicking on "Previews" at the bottom. The production company is the Jim Henson Company (think Muppets), which means that it should have some really imaginative stuff. The story centers on a girl in a circus family who wants to leave circus life to join real life and comes upon quite an adventure. Apparantly, the Constantine movie doesn't suck according to an unknown source. The movie looks pretty bad but this guy sounds like a comic book fan so maybe I'm wrong. The last movie bit is that Napster is planning on expanding into movies. I'm not sure why but their target audience in the young video-game generation. Their target audience should be busy people in the 24-35 age bracket who have money but no time to go to the movies to see some of the best ones.

If you're a resident of planet Earth you may be disheartened to hear that there is now an actual threshold for global warming and we'll be hitting the point of no return within the next 10 years. I'll let the article speak for itself though because it concisely says a lot about the problem.

The final part of today's blog will be a spotlight on Firefox. It's no surprise that the lead engineer of the successful browser has been hired by Google. Could it become a part of the Google family like Picasa has? It would certainly be interesting. If you want to find out more about Firefox's inception, check out this article about its 19 year-old co-creator.

It is now time for Monday Madness:

What do you think of when you see the following colors? (You may write as many words as you like.)

1. White:
Mainly about weddings and priests' attire
2. Yellow: My favorite fruit, bananas
3. Blue: My cool looking PS2 box and blue M&Ms for some reason (damn their effective marketing campaign)
4. Black: Weird people who think that being goth is equivalent to being cool
5. Green: Drunk Irish people and delicious green apples
6. Red: Kisses from girls with lipstick that I don't get and strawberries (I love fruit, what can I say)
7. Purple: Barney and also that purple Teletubbie
8. Pink: These girls with pink hair I saw a couple of years ago who I thought were hot
9. Brown: My skin color!
10. Gray: Cloudy skies


Lisa said...

Hey thanks for commenting the info about Kaju Burfi. The link wasn't working but I did a search and found pictures. It definitely does look gray on top. :)

I have spent way too much time reading your blog. It has been very entertaining! Although I think I might need a bit more coffee to follow your train of thought(s) because I am not quite awake yet and you write the way my brother talks. Fast and all over the place. This is a compliment honest! :)

As for the homosexuality, I didn't grow up Catholic but in a religion with the same viewpoints. If you were gay you were kicked out of the church and all of your friends and family were forbidden from speaking to you. I find the viewpoint so sad and closeminded and have made an effort to raise my children to be openminded to the fact people are made to be different and that you should not judge them because of their race, religion or sexuality. I have tried to educate them on all different backgrounds so that when they are old enough they can make their own decisions as to who they want to be and know that I will love and support them no matter what. the soapbox. lol

I had fun reading your meme answers and I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon. Take care!

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