Sunday, January 28, 2007

YouTube Shares Money With...You!

I'm doing a little better since Friday. I'm not quite as depressed, I'd just feel better with interviews lined up. TLD practice cheered me up. Anyway, our little YouTube is growing up! It's going off to college and sharing revenues and everything! Does anyone else remember way back when, before Google bought them, when they were like, "no way will we ever allow ads forced in front of our content!" Yeah, I figured that wouldn't last. It makes sense though, I'm glad that they weren't close-minded enough to stay on that course. Of course, I hope they've thought about the possibility of spam videos. I wonder if they'll have some kind of quality control mechanism in place? And I wonder how much the cut of the profit will be? I see the potential for huge scams from this. Regardless, the site as it exists today won't last for too much longer, because it just isn't financially viable, so I'm glad they're being smart about it. I wonder if this will become optional or not? Will you be able to just host videos there without advertising and profit-sharing? What I find more surprising is that they're not worried about copyright infringement. Maybe they are though, and they're just not talking about it. Oh well, I'll be sure to post when this program goes into beta.

Going off the online video subject, wouldn't it be cool if you could watch shows for free on a Google TV service that would just serve ads based on your interests garnered from your e-mails? Well, it doesn't exist, but this is still a sweet hoax of such a service. It's impressively convincing. Bill Gates agrees with the concept of a service like that, claiming that television as we know it will be dead in a few years. That blog thinks he's just behind on this, but I think he's bold to say this. I think it'll take a little longer before television is abolished and it's completely user controlled because I don't think the networks will roll over so easily. I don't think monetization or technology is a problem (as that entry claims), I think that the networks are just slow and unwilling to adapt. If you're a webmaster, then you'll want to read this Google post about how to exclude certain directories and files from the web crawler. I had no idea this was possible and I find it useful myself as I've now taken on web development of three sites (though I'm not alone on two of them). Oh, if you use Gmail, you'll find this article about shorthand searches helpful. The new version of Paint .NET is out, and it's pretty sweet. I think they just fixed some bugs from the beta, and the beta was really slick. Lastly, NES fans will definitely appreciate this eBay auction of every game ever made for the classic console.

Ok, this is crazy. The number one movie in the nation this weekend was Epic Movie, which has (no joke) 0 on the tomatometer. Those who saw it almost seemed pissed that it sucked given the cast and great look-a-likes. Smokin Aces didn't get glowing reviews itself though at the #2 spot. And the tradition of my friend's birthday weekend continues: only bad movies come out on the weekend of his birthday (even Catch and Release did bad with $8 million). Since there's nothing else to talk about, here are some pictures from The Simpsons movie.

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Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Limit :: To the

  2. Voice :: Heard

  3. Change :: Money

  4. Expression :: Face

  5. Tailor :: Pants

  6. Lemonade :: When life hands Jack Bauer lemons, he uses them to kill terrorists. Jack Bauer fucking hates lemons.

  7. Thought :: Mind

  8. Phoebe :: Bufay

  9. Impression :: Interview

  10. Sister :: Act

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