Monday, January 01, 2007

Why the iPhone?

Happy New Year's, everyone! Hope you all had fun last night. My little shindig went well, and I think I got as many people to have fun as I could. Next year though, I'm just going to do the club thing since I'll finally be 21! Anyway, I've definitely posted a lot of rumors about the iPhone (which I should refer to as the Apple phone from now on since someone else owns the iPhone name) because there are so many out there and I do get asked about it. Ryan Block did a much better job than I could of putting things in perspective. For one thing, there's really no phone in the world of phones like an iPod in the realm of mp3 players (i.e., no definitively great phone), and we keep seeing the same stuff again and again. The Razr has been the closest to a great phone, but it still had plenty of problems. Plus, music on phones really isn't that thrilling either, and people are counting on Apple to shake things up. The problem though is that there's now too my hype for Apple to deliver. Battery life would be an even harsher issue if Apple were to integrate every feature everyone wants, and Apple is bound to keep things simple, so that'll disappoint as well. I'm honestly not sure what to expect out of it. I think it will synch with Windows and Mac machines, but I'm guessing that the capabilities with Windows will be limited. Still, if Apple is doing this, you can bet that they have a plan in mind. So I think that it could evolve to be a great device, but who knows what it'll be like at launch.

We haven't heard much about the Zune in a while, but now we have a very strange commercial to scratch our heads at. The primary concept seems to be sharing, but they did it in the most awkward way possible. I guess they're relying on its oddity to get people talking about it and remember the Zune. What's less exciting for Microsoft though is this post from Joe Wilcox at Microsoft Watch just totally calling out Office Live Premium as being horribly unstable and not very user-friendly. It's not just his opinion, it's his actual experience with the product, and it sounds like it was a rushed product. Tsk tsk, Microsoft! If you're looking to have a little fun with your friends you should try using this newspaper clipping generator to write an article about them. I know I will! Have you ever wondered where some of our most popular commonplace phrases come from? This site is a great collection of these phrases and their meanings. Definitely a fun site to browse. Lastly, TechEBlog has been putting up a lot of top 5 lists recently, but I like this list the best of the top pictures made entirely with Microsoft Paint.

Just one piece of movie news for you guys, but it is quite awesome. George Lucas has stated that the script for Indiana Jones 4 is approved all around and they'll start filming this year for a release date early next summer. Not much word on the plot, but he sounds pretty excited about it.

My normal Monday meme haunts are on break today, so let's try Manic Monday:

Are you honest about your weight on your license or other official forms?
Yeah. If anything, I may estimate a few pounds extra, not less.

If not, by how many pounds is it off from your actual weight?
Hopefully, not by much! I try to keep myself in check by eating right and exercising at least 6 days a week because I remember what it was like to be overweight and it makes me feel so much better to be healthy and stay healthy.

At what point in your life did you weigh the most?
Probably when I was about 14 or 15 when I weighed 140 or 145 lbs (at a height of like 5'4" mind you).

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Fleur De Lisa said...

I'll be interested to see what the Apple phone will be like.

It does make you feel so much better to exercise daily, but I've been very bad with that over the past week.

Thanks for palying Manic Monday and Happy New Year.