Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Open Up the iPhone!

I might as well just come out and say it: I really do agree that it's not impressive for users to not be able to install OS X applications on the iPhone. The reasoning is reasonable, and it doesn't make me scale back my expectations for the success of this device, but I agree with 43 folder in that they're missing a huge opportunity here. Oh, and once again, sorry to talk about the iPhone, honestly nothing else fun to talk about today (unless you want to hear about Number Theory, that is). So anyway, why don't they use this to bring more people to the Mac side? Why not give out developer kits, and just sue people who release products without Apple approval? I'm sure that indie developers would want little to do with the wrath of Apple, but I'm sure would love mobile functionality for their next software release. To be fair, if software breaks their phone it would make them look really bad at such an early stage of the game, and it does make sense in a way for them to be exclusive about who they let release stuff for it. I just think there's a better way to handle it, and they could stand to gain a lot not only in more features but in more people interested in the OS X as a mobile platform because they're tired of Windows Mobile. Anyway, it is still early, maybe they'll have grander plans later.

Even after the iPhone was announced, enthusiasts were still clamoring for a new iPod. Well, there's rumors that we may see a Beatles iPod (like the U2 iPod) that would be a widescreen, touch screen, iPod. People believe that this could be announced in a Superbowl ad or the February 20 event, I'm just surprised that the other Apple is so gung ho about working with Apple, Inc on this. Click to enlargeThere's a photo blog with a bunch of pictures of art painted on people's hands to be made to look like animals, and it's really cool as you can see to the right here. I think several of them are touched up in Photoshop, but you can tell that a great deal of it is really painted right on the hands. Also for photo fiends: this is a cool bunch of free photography lessons that are really well-done and interesting. I skimmed a couple and will definitely be coming back to it to read them in more detail. Lastly, if you want a Blu-ray and HD-DVD player in one, don't hope too hard because this one looks pretty bad. Well, physically it's cool, but it sounds pretty sub-par. Looks like the war is still on!

So you definitely should not read these spoilers from Spider-man 3 because they're very intense. I read them on your behalf though and can tell you that I think it definitely throws things in a different direction. Like the second movie was very different from the first, I think this one is very different from both of them, and I'm pleasantly surprised compared to my reaction at the weirdness of some scenes in the trailer. I also think that it'd be easy for them to close off the Spider-man movies at this one, at least for a long while. If you're a loser like me and missed The Departed, they're going to re-release it this weekend at a limited amount of theaters to try to garner some more Oscar buzz for it. I'm really tempted to grab my friends and go see it. Unfortunately, we may not see Oldboy again over here, or at least the remake that Justin Lin was supposed to make. I think he's having issues with creative freedom because he's really intent on sticking to the original, but hopefully something works out with him or nothing at all because I hope they do respect the film. Lastly, there are rumors that M Night Shayamalan has been passing around his script for a movie called Green Planet to studios and not getting a warm reception. He's really been going downhill since his first release, so I wouldn't be surprised if this were true.

I'm going to be adventurous and try the Wet Wednesday meme this week:

1. body hair ... trimmed, shaved completely, or full-on bushy?
I guess shaved completely. Not that trimmed would really bother me much either though.

2. hairstyle (on the "top head") ... short-short, medium, or long?
Har har, on the pun. It really depends. I think in general, I love the medium. But certain girls (for some reason, mostly asian girls) can pull off short-short really well and that's commendable. As long as it doesn't make you look like a guy, it's all good. No issue with long hair either, I just imagine it to be a pain to maintain.

3. do you like your partner tall or short?
Short, because I'm so short myself. Nothing against tall girls at all, I just imagine that they'd want a tall guy as well!

4. intelligence ... are you intimidated if your partner is smarter than you are, or do you prefer them to be members of MENSA?
It depends on how much smart. If they're like a Turing Award winner or something, that kind of sucks. But I'd almost like them to be smarter than me otherwise so that we can also have intelligent discussions from time to time.

5. one of my hang-ups is a guy who needs to trim his fingernails ... it grosses me out to no end, even if they're sparkling clean! what is a "no-go" when it comes to your partner's hands?
Biting. Don't bite your nails! Not only does that put strange germs in your mouth, but it ruins your nails. I'm a big nail guy because of classical guitar, so I do notice that.


JennYfer said...

There's a cover?! For COPA?!

I didn't even know that! Good thing I know now =P!

lola h. said...

thanks for playing this week! i love your answers, especially about the "Turing Award Winner." ;)