Thursday, January 11, 2007

So Long Blu-Ray and Hello YouTube TV?

I didn't really have enough to say about any one item to make up a main topic, so I thought I'd touch a couple things. Oh, by the way, I did get turned down by Microsoft. I have some tough decisions ahead of me now as far as what my strategy for this summer will be, but I do have other offers on the table, thankfully. Anyway, back on topic: Sony has decided that pornographers cannot sell their media on Blu-ray discs, which is pretty much the end of Blu-ray. I think people tend to underestimate the porn industry, and it's what clinched the battle for Betamax when it was pitted against VHS. Are they making some moral stand here? Who are they kidding? It makes no logical sense to me. There's nothing wrong with porn! Sure, it's dirty, but no one gets directly hurt by it (pervs would be pervs even without the kind of porn that's legal). The other thing was that YouTube is thinking about starting its own TV channel, which I think is kind of stupid. Doesn't that kind of demean them? They're trying to change how people use media, and then they go back and put that media back in an old format: television? Why not start an IP TV channel? Maybe they meant an IP TV channel all along, who knows. It sounds like it was just a fledgling idea though, not anything really developed.

If you've wanted an alternative to DVR that also saves shows to your computer, you've probably looked into Windows Media Center. There's also the homebrew MythTV, and if you want a comparison of the two you should check this out. It's just a comparison of screenshots, but it shows how both actually look pretty good. And now, back to the iPhone for a bit. I've seen plenty of complaints that the iPhone doesn't support Office and some other applications, and Steve Jobs said kind of what I was thinking, you really don't want your iPhone to be a computer. I figure that they'll put more software out there later, as he confirmed, but under Apple's close supervision to ensure that it's safe. Oh, and the iPhone is not running on an Intel chip, it's almost certainly a Samsung under the hood. Not too sure why though. Maybe Intel couldn't deliver on size and power consumption? With all the fanboyism running rampant defending the iPhone's faults as well as the keynote's faults, this is a hilarious read. It's just a pretend verbal battle between Bill Gates and the Mac guy. Lastly, if someone is leeching your WiFi, try this on them.

I wouldn't mention this first piece of news if it weren't produced by Tom Hanks and it didn't involve ABBA. Meryl Streep has signed on for the adaptation of the hit Broadway play Mamma Mia!, and it's a very strange storyline, but it did pretty well on stage so I'm curious to see how the movie turns out. Yahoo Movies has the trailer for Disturbia, and it's actually much more interesting than I would've thought. However, it's not too original of a storyline, and the trailer gives you way too much information. We also have a trailer for Blades of Glory, and it's pretty funny, though I was kind of expecting more. I hope it has much more laughs than the trailer reveals. Lastly, here's one of a few new promo shots for Pirates of the Caribbean 3:

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Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

1. How do you get from one place to the next? Car? Train? Walk? Something else? Do you like that mode of transportation? Why/why not?
It depends. On campus: walking. Weekdays: bus to/fro campus. On weekends: driving. In Houston: always driving.

2. Do you have a car? Do you like it? Do you like having it? Would you consider not having one? Why/why not?
Yeah, and I do like it (having it and the car, because the car is an awesome Hyundai XG300). I would definitely not considering giving it up living where I am because the public transportation down here just isn't good enough, and it's too hot to walk around a lot most of the year.

3. What do you think of public transportation? Do you have good public transportation where you live? Do you use it? Why/why not?
I think it's great, it just sucks where I am. Even in Austin, it's not that great. I mean the city bus is typically on time, but the campus shuttle is so prone to being late. Plus, too many sketchy people ride the city bus. I wish we had like a subway around here, but I don't think that's possible.

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