Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Prepare For Macworld

Since I'm going to Seattle tomorrow for Microsoft interviews and will not return til Sunday, I figured I might as well talk about Macworld right now. Mac Rumors has posted its standard compilation of the big rumors floating around as to what we may see next Tuesday. I'm not sure what rumors to invest more faith in. I definitely think we'll see more information on the iTV, though it's now being reported that it probably won't be ready to be released until late January at the earliest because of some finishing touches they're working on. I also think we'll see another version of iLife, and I personally think that we will, in fact, see more of Leopard. The real hot topic is the Apple Phone, and we don't really know what the odds are of seeing it next week, but I think that if they really have this thing up their sleeves then they'll want to let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday. We do, after all, have pretty good evidence suggesting that it has been in development. What I'd be much more interested to see though is a new iPod. It has been a while since a new generation, after all, so the time would be about right. It would be a pretty out-of-the-blue thing though since buzz has been mum on this item for quite a while. Anyway, if you decide to tune in to a live, online text feed (I like Engadget's the best, personally), you'll need to keep a two hour block on your schedule where you'll be at your desk (or awake if you're on winter break like me). You can count on it being fun though.

While I'm on Apple, I ran into an article about tips to help smooth the transition from PC to Mac. I'm probably going to need that, assuming I go through with the switch (I'm just tired of Windows), and figured that I probably wasn't the only one strongly considering a switch. Alright, enough about Apple, if you want to read some general prediction for the year, you should check out Wired's annual list of predictions, which are actually fairly realistic. Of course the prediction I liked best was the PS3 being a bust and HD-DVD taking over (if you'll recall, a lot of people called the format war in Sony's favor because of the PS3). Implantable contacts is also a pretty likely. If your phone has Bluetooth on it, then this video is a must-see. I totally never realized how insecure the Bluetooth protocol it is and how easy it is for someone to hack into your phone (or "bluesnarf", in this case). Lastly, being the torrent whore that I am, I had to plug this list of the top torrent sites out there.

Not a whole lot of movie news today. To follow up on yesterday, we have official confirmation that Indiana Jones 4 has been greenlit and will start filming this June for a hopeful Summer 2008 release. Other than that, we don't know much that we didn't know yesterday, so you'll have to stay tuned for more news as it develops. I'm not sure if this is real or just a rumor, but supposedly Adam McKay and Will Ferrell will team up again for a third part in their self-proclaimed trilogy of movies, this one called Booby Trap: The Tale of Rusty Butte about a guy who falls into the world of pornography. It sounds plausible, but the source is questionable. Lastly, one of the stars of Heroes, the actor who plays Hiro Nakamura, will be in 21 opposite Kevin Spacey as a part of MIT students who go to Las Vegas to swindle casinos (which really has happened, by the way, and those kids were blacklisted from Vegas casinos). I just think he's such a cool actor that I'm excited to see him in a movie like this.

Before I close up here, I wanted to put up a picture of my brother's dog, Fredericka, that I took last night because she's so precious. She was tired after a long day.

Click to enlarge

I haven't played TMI Tuesday in a while, so here goes nothing:

1. Saddam Hussein - How would you have executed him? Cut off his balls? Cut off his dick? Other?
Since I just saw Mission: Impossible 3 again last night, I'm going to go with an explosive charge inserted through the nostrils into his brain. Oh, and while it's in him, just beat the crap out of him.

2. How would you rate your kinkiness level? Rated G? Rated PG? Rated R? Rated X? Details! This is suppose to be TMI! Tell me!!!
I'm going to go with Rated R, but I'm probably PG compared to some of the players of TMI! ;) I don't really have many details to share, but I'll cede that I spend most of the time in between sets at the gym when I work out trying to figure out how to check out that really hot girl without her noticing (you know who I'm talking about; there's always one chick who is unbelievably hot).

3. Ever stolen something from someone? What was it? or... What would you like to steal? =P
I'd like to steal the sweet offers some of my friends are getting for the summer. Why does Nirav get the sweet offers from Apple and Amazon?! Lucky bastard.

4. Do you have a favorite porn star? Gimmie a link! ;)
I'm going to go ahead and plead the 5th =P

5. Death comes in 3 - James Brown, Gerald Ford... who's next?
Didn't the dictator of like Venezuela die recently? Doesn't that make it 3? Though I don't wish death on anyone, maybe it'll be Rick Perry so that we don't have a governor anymore who robs the taxpayers like Perry does.


JennYfer said...

Are you talking about Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet?

Indeed, that makes three.

TickledPinkToes said...

plead the 5th?!? no fair! haha happy new year! ;)