Monday, January 23, 2006

HD Comes to Radio

Sorry, I couldn't find a better topic to write about. Plus, I'm kind of burnt out from looking for cross-compiling solutions. It almost seems impossible because of Apple's native libraries, but if I can figure out how to build their version of GCC (that I got from their CVS) I may get somewhere. Anyway, you read the topic right: high-definition radio. What does that mean? I was confused at first myself, but apparently it means near CD quality music with more interactive advertisements. This is meant to fill in station gaps and compete with satellite (and mp3s, naturally), but it requires a special receiver to get the higher quality sound. These receivers won't be affordable (as in $200) until the end of this year. Why would anyone pay so much to listen to better sound when they can get an iPod Nano for about the same price and listen to their music without ads? You're going to have to do better than that, Clear Channel. The added benefit is that advertisers can put ads on the LCD screen that comes with them, and listeners can commit to their services right on the spot. I think radio is salvageable, but it needs to be heavily revamped. The HD switch is a nice start to what could someday (maybe in a couple of years) be really nice. What they need to work on is a better selection of music and less repeats. When they realize that they can't push their crap agenda for what songs should be popular anymore, they'll finally be able to grow.

Have you been wondering why we haven't heard from Sony in a while? Well, you're not alone. MSNBC brings it up with concerns that the system may not be ready until this November and may cost a good amount more than the Xbox 360. I don't think there's any chance they'll ship this Spring, and they definitely need to come up with a strategy fast before the Xbox 360 normalizes its console shipments and people forget about the PS3. The Postal Service doesn't seem too thrilled about the Apple-Intel ad, but I wonder if Apple will take the heat or the directors. The Times Online actually put up a little article about Steve Jobs, but it seems to mostly focus on the impact of the Disney-Pixar deal. Its best point is that this deal is mutually beneficial given Disney and Jobs's outside connections. Google News is now out of beta, and it looks the same except that it no longer says "Beta" on the main page. Lastly, if you're unfamiliar with torrents, PC Magazine put up a decent summary of it as well as reviews of the most popular BitTorrent clients.

Click to enlargeOne of those ladies is Psylocke in X3, can you guess which one? It's actually the third one, and the first two are Stacy X and Callisto, respectively. While I think the actress playing Psylocke is attractive, I think the costume is not good for the character. More pictures are here. A couple of sobering reviews have sprung up. One of them claims that Tom Yum Goong is a step backward from Ong Bak in how it executes the story, which is sad because I was really looking forward to it. The other is for Curious George and basically says that the movie is boring and uninspired except for the animation, which also sucks because I used to love those books as a kid. Sony has narrowed the new poster for Silent Hill to five fan favorites, and while the first four are more in keeping with the movie's style I really think that the last one looks the coolest. You should vote for your favorite and I'll announce the winner when Sony does. Lastly, if you want to watch the shorts from Sundance then there'll all up here. I wish I had the time to do that.

Since the Monday Madness today is a question I've already done, I'm going to go with Monday's a Bitch (since it is):


1. Have you ever caused someone physical harm deliberately?

Not that I can recall. I've never gotten in a fight before (of my own choice). My brother and I would fight when I was little, but I was pretty weak so I'm sure that most of the time it didn't phase him and the one time it did I don't think it even left a mark.

2. What mundane things in life frustrate you the most?
I think cleaning tubs, sinks, and toilets. It takes up time I don't have usually and it's just a whole lot of fun.

3. Have you ever had a screaming match in public?
I've never had a screaming match in private!

4. Which celebrity do you wish would just drop dead?
I would say Jack Thompson, but he's not a bonified celebrity. Instead, I'll go with Paris Hilton. She contributes 0 value to our society.

5. Do you believe in the death penalty?
That's a tricky question. The way our system works: no. I think that the risk of making a mistake is not considered seriously enough and even one innocent person dying for it is unacceptable. Anyway, life in prison is worse. In an ideal society, I might endorse it for some really heinous crimes. Like killing family members and such.


[Mat] said...

x-men 4 5 6 !

more goodie to come, then. Great.

The Ps3 seems like an impossible dream right now. it will be nice to see how it all ends up.

Is it just me or are games really lacking on the 360? Except for live games, not much to look to. No real reason to buy that big machine, I guess.

well. off to work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing Monday's A Bitch! And for the X3 pictures, I hadn't seen those ones before :)