Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Essence of Geek

The first day of classes went well, and I only had to go to two classes since discussion section was cancelled for CS 337. I'm already pumped for CS 352 (Computer Architecture) and I think Keckler will be great, and I'm also pleased with my choice of Windsor for M 427K, who reminds me of my Linear Algebra professor, Dan Knopf (who was awesome). I'm spending more time now preparing NSC stuff than actual school work! Anyway, doesn't today's title sound like a recipe in a witch's brew? I finally found an article that addresses this New Geek movement of people proclaiming themselves as such just to look cool because they have a Sidekick or an iPod or something. I prefer this definition of a geek (from the same article):
"...what's important about a geek is the passion to understand the way things work, to the point of being able to construct working systems yourself. Programmers are admired not because of their fame or social status, but for the quality of the code they write."

I realize that it's kind of funny to dedicate a three-page article to geekdom, and almost a matter of pride to argue for it, but I just find it ironic how some people will look down on the real geeks and then put themselves on a pedestal as being hot, preppy, and a geek at the same time as if they're the perfect person. Wearing a faux vintage shirt identifying yourself falsely as a spelling bee champ doesn't make you cool (I have seen this before). The article explores the more historical side of how the term originated and how it has evolved rather than all this fashion stuff, but the last page is a little far-fetched as it tries to link geekiness to ADD and autism. It's a fun read if you're interested.

Click to enlarge the iMac's behindI've said it before and I'll say it again: the best reviews for new gadgets and other tech toys is Ars Technica, in my opinion, and they put up their review of the 17" iMac Core Duo today. What really stuck out for me in the review is that they mentioned that Rosetta translates PowerPC applications to work on x86 on one core while it actually runs on the other. How cool is that?! While I'm on Apple, it turns out that the Intel switch ad looks like the "Such Great Heights" music video because it's the same directors, so they're definitely not going to have any legal trauma to worry about. Businesses have started putting their logos on their rooftops so that when you go to "satellite" view in Google Maps, you can see exactly where they are. I think it's a pretty clever idea and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. iPod lovers can rejoice in knowing that the company producing iPod audio chips have managed to reduce the power consumption to theoretically allow 70% more listening time. I wonder when Steve Jobs will release a new iPod now? NBC and ABC are boasting that ratings for some of their top shows have gone up thanks to iTunes, but some comments below that post rightfully pointed out that this correlation doesn't imply causation (i.e. nothing has been proven). Lastly, this is going to become big soon (I can feel it), so I thought I'd mention that crackpot Jack Thompson is threatening Take Two (presumably with legal action) if they don't recall their games. If they recall those games, I'll sue them for being morons.

The Digital Bits managed to conduct a rather lengthy interview with a big man over at Pioneer, who is creating hardware for the Blu-ray format, and it really sounds like Blu-ray is here to say. Of course what he says is biased, but he makes some really good points, like that it can hold more and support the transfer of more data, which means it'll probably last longer as a format. Riding on the coattails of the one weekend's success, Weinstein Co. is more than willing to host a Hoodwinked 2 since the original made back almost it's entire budget in one weekend. The creators are very interested in a sequel as well, so I hope the movie is deserving of one because it looks like it'll happen. IESB has a video interview with Mr. Brandon Routh, who will the Man of Steel this summer, and he doesn't say a whole lot, but if you're as excited about this movie as I am I'm sure that you'll want to see anything related to it. The Sci Fi Wire has more of their previous interview with him over here. Lastly, Sony has plans to remake the old school cult-horror-classic Black Christmas, and has already begun casting some pretty ladies to be the sorority sisters. If the female leads are hot the people will probably come.

I'm going to try the Ten on Tuesday this week:

10 Favorite Current Shows
10. Southpark
9. Joey
8. The Colbert Report
7. Desperate Housewives
6. Prison Break
5. Smallville
4. Family Guy
3. The Daily Show
2. Lost
1. 24

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