Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Schools Everyone in Keynoting

Anyone else still excited about Rose Bowl? No? Just me? Well, if you are, you should keep your eye out for a special Sports Illustrated, which I want real bad. If you want to see Michael Griffin and Brian Robinson having fun, check out this vid. If you want to see Michael Huff and David Thomas kickin it, check out this one. Both of those courtesy of Katie. Anyway, I think there's one consensus about today's CES proceedings: Google had the best keynote. I'm sure that most of you haven't seen a keynote, but Steve Jobs is famous for how exciting his are, and there's actually an excellent look at how he does what he does over here. It's a painstaking process, and Google brought out Robin Williams to get the crowd going. Their second biggest announcement was Google Pack, which is designed to help people who are bad with computers get set up very easily. The big news? You already know it: Google Store. iTunes, meet your newest competitor. Not only can you get videos in high-resolution, but you can even sell your own stuff! The NBA and CBS are already on board, and I'm sure more will follow. Back to my main topic though, Google had a great keynote because they didn't dick around with their audience! They got to their points quickly, and even had a little fun.

The other big keynote today was from Yahoo, and no one seemed to care all that much. Why? Because all they had to offer was a bunch of buzzwords and Yahoo Go, which is a new repackaging of services they already had available. Only a Tom Cruise saved them during an embarrassing demo bug. Click to enlargeA lot of people were excited about the Sony Reader though, which is basically a portable eBook reader for the price of an Xbox 360. It looks slim and cool, but the price needs to go down at least a hundred bucks. I was personally impressed by the new Lego Mindstorms, which has made it easier to use and given it more features. It was about due for an upgrade, and they're definitely going in the right direction. If you've forgotten about the next-gen DVD debate, it's still very alive at the show and you can read this article for a very concise summary of the fight. I forgot to mention that Sony gave a dry talk about the Blue-Ray format. Lastly, I have a non-CES article for you. Bliss is a new game that is meant for couples to experiment with foreplay and it actually sounds really interesting so I thought I'd post it since I know that I have at least one married reader. The rest of you may enjoy reading about it as well.

The big movie news today was the release of the Flight 93 teaser trailer, which is one of the two upcoming 9/11 movies. It's actually a really good teaser despite my earlier reservations, so go check it out. What isn't good though is Glory Road according to an AICN review, which claims that the movie totally whitewashes the issue of racism while upping the cliches, and that doesn't surprise me for a Disney movie. Tsk tsk. I forgot to mention yesterday that Matt Groening and David Cohen are in talks with Fox to bring Futurama back to life (thanks to DVD sales), which was always good on its first viewing but subsequently lost humor. Anyway, I'd watch it if it came back so let's see what happens. Now I just have a couple of drab pictures left. One is for Rocky 6, but it's actually an official shot rather than a bootleg. The other one is for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, and it's just of one of the bad guys.

I'm going to go with Friday's Feast this week:

Have you ever seen a ghost or an angel?

Nope. There was definitely an angel at the Rose Bowl though! ;)

What is your favorite board game?

I'd probably have to say Cranium. It's so fun and active! Plus, it has a lot of variety.

What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?

I guess The Passion of the Christ. Some parts of it were just really intense. When you see Mary's pain, it's just harsh.

Main Course
What would you do if you had 3 months off from your job?

I'm going to substitute "school" for "job", and I'd feel behind my competition! I can rest on my laurels a little when I get a job!

What kind of shoes are you wearing today?

I went barefoot! I wore flip flops for the time I spent trying to fix my neighbor's spyware-laden computer, which I've determined is unsalvageable. To top it off, I installed software to keep her system on life support, and after I gave her instructions on how to use it she's frustrated and wants me to take it all off! Some people just shouldn't own computers, ugh.

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