Sunday, January 08, 2006

Have Fun With Your iPod

I was a little saddened today to learn that Vince Young has, in fact, decided to enter the draft. After thinking about it a while, I realized that it probably is the right move for him. He doesn't want to pull a Leinart and risk not winning a bowl game next year, and he's already left the season on a high note. Good luck to you, Vince! I hope Mack Brown can fill the space being the master recruiter that he is (not sarcastic, he really is). MacWorld is coming upon us this week, and everyone is excited to see what Steve Job does this year since his keynotes are always so fun. One site put up a list of 44 fun things to do with your iPod, and it's quite amazing how much stuff there is out there for iPods. Did you know you can get drink recipes on your iPod?! I just think that's really convenient. It never ceases to amaze me what a shock culture this little device has created! Do you ever wonder when it will stop? I'm tempted to say that Jobs will expand the empire this week with some iPod Shuffle replacement, but I guess that's yet to be seen. If you really want to get in character for the Expo though, check out this vidcast. I'll bring you all the highlights right here, naturally.

Do you ever wonder what HD would look like on the computer aside from in Quicktime? Think it couldn't get any better? You should really watch this video because the quality even blew me away. If you think that HD isn't worth it, think again. Preconceptions are made to be shattered. The last of CES is always quite slow, but Kodak revealed a new logo, and it looks better than Intel's change, but it's still a bit retro. I guess 50 years is a long time to have one logo though. Viewsonic showed off a really small projector, which I can definitely see coming in handy at colleges where I see students renting out VCR sized projectors for presentations. It's basically over now, but you can see a few video highlights over here should it so tickle your fancy.

Out of the blue, the top movie this weekend was Hostel! I've been excited about this one for a while, but to make $20.1 million on a historically craptacular movie weekend and beat Kong and Narnia is quite a feat for Eli Roth and his $5 million budget. The other two movies that opened, Grandma's Boy and Bloodrayne, predictably tanked, with the latter making under $1 million (take that, Uwe Boll). You can find the new badass DVD edition of Sin City in stores this week and it looks pretty sweet, so go and grab it if you're a Robert Rodriguez or Frank Miller fan. Speaking of DVD, Digital Bits have some impressions from CES regarding Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, and it sounds like the big guys there were a lot more excited about Blu-ray. Could this be a biased opinion or a foreshadowing of things to come? The Japanese trailer for V for Vendetta has hit the Net and it looks pretty cool, so be sure to give it a look see. I wonder if this will be as good as The Matrix? IGN got a clip from American Dad and from Family Guy, and they're really worth a look. It'll be great to have new episodes again! Lastly, you can look forward to the trailer for Clerks 2 tomorrow, and usually Kevin Smith doesn't disappoint.

In light of some recent successes I've had with my Latin program, I just have to share this postcard with you all because it's so true:

Click to enlarge

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Better off::Alone (Alice Deejay)
  2. Girls::Chicks
  3. Uniform::Middle School
  4. Classified::Documents
  5. Hard::Difficult
  6. Kitty:: Hello
  7. Team::Football
  8. Massive::Gargantuan
  9. Depressed::Dejected
  10. Award::Show


[Mat] said...

That postcard you showed me... Ouch! Still, the feeling she's talking about must really suck.

HD TV. Even after being wowed by that little clip, I'm not convinced it's that necessary in our lifes. All those wasted tv sets just won't go away in my mind. :/
Still, it really does look good.

That new logo of kodak. Rotate it 180, what do you see? kapok? :)

Hostel! I have to see. Maybe this week will be movie week. But with karate starting, I'm not sure. Things are gonna move fast again.

Anyways, good day!

JennYfer said...

Of course I'm helping NSC recruit!

Count on me, Elton-o-rino! And so sad about Vince but hey, props to him. He's got to take advantage of it. He'd be a fool not to.