Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Controllers and Sony Live?

The news today is pretty scattered, so I'm going to center the main topic in two articles, but both are related to video games. Revolution Advanced put up a list of all the popular video game console controllers (sans a couple, like the Virtual Boy) complete with pictures and descriptions of the evolution from previous controllers. It's really funny how many solutions have been developed to the issue of being able to intuitively play a video game, and it's almost hard to imagine a time before analog sticks. My favorites that I've used (I still haven't tried the Xbox 360 one) are the DualShock 2 and the GameCube one. It's almost hard to say which one is better, but I personally prefer the PS2 one since that's what I'm used to. We haven't heard much from Sony for a while so when they say that they're going to bring out the big guns and take down Xbox Live, it's definitely noteworthy. We really don't have any details other than that, which is good news because they would probably face a dismal launch without a better solution to online play than the PS2's random clash of 3rd party implementations. I don't think they'll actually be able to beat what Microsoft has built, but I think they'll at least be able to compete, especially if they turn out a cheaper service. They've exaggerated in the past (note the "emotion engine" we were promised this past generation) so I wouldn't get too excited about it, but it's something.

If you want more of a blast from the past than some controllers, some guy put up a compilation of the best Apple advertisements from the past 30 years in honor of their anniversary coming up in a couple of months. It's really fun to watch so check it out if you have a few minutes; it even has the 1984 commercial. If you're currently on a Mac, you'll want to check this list for some great applications to load yourself with. Anyway, Google has officially denied that they're working on any music service of their own at this time, and I believe them. I think it would be a bit premature and probably damaging to enter the music market at this stage. With video, it's just now beginning so it's not a big deal. They have not, as yet, made a statement about Google China searches giving uncensored information for misspelled words. Some commentators think that this was just in a huge lapse in Google's knowledge, but I think that's rather naive. In my opinion, this is their "gotcha" to the Chinese government as I'm sure that their agreement had no terms about correcting closely related search terms; they're not stupid enough to have not noticed it. Lastly, NewsFactor has a little piece about how e-money could become the norm, but that won't happen for a long while in America because of how vast our market is for things like cell phones. In Japan, DoCoMo has enough market share to force it along. Still, it's an interesting thought.

There's not a whole lot of movie news today, which is good because I have a Physics test tomorrow at 9:00 AM and I should study more. The big news today is that the 2006 Oscar nominations are up, but I haven't seen enough movies this year to make good guesses on the winners. However, I do think Best Picture will come down to Crash andClick to enlarge Brokeback Mountain. Since we're all mysteriously drawn to cool explosions in movies, I thought I'd post this shot on the right from MI:3 that came out today. Keifer Sutherland recently said a few words about the supposed 24 movie and seemed to hint that Jack Bauer wouldn't be in it, which is preposterous because then no one would want to see it. He makes the show what it is! If you really need proof of the awesomeness of Jack Bauer, there's a list of the top 60 facts on him over here. Lastly, Yahoo Movies has the theatrical trailer for Scary Movie 4, and I only laughed once in the whole thing. I don't know why these movies keep making so much money; they've gone downhill since the first one.

I'm playing in the Tuesday Twosome meme this week:

1. Have you been called annoying? If so, were you offended?
I think so, but it was a long time ago. I was a little offended, but on the bright side I've worked towards being more sensitive to how people are reacting to me in conversations. I think I've gotten a better sense of when someone is getting bored and when to change topics and stuff.

2. Have you ever insulted someone? If so, did you feel guilty later?
Yes, but only sometimes. It really depends on whether they deserved it or if it was just a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing.

3. What is more important to you, someone who looks great or who has a great personality? Why?
Definitely the great personality, seriously. I think my standards for looks are lower than most guys, and I tend to actually like a girl more after I've talked to her for a while even if I didn't think much of her when I first saw her. The opposite has occurred as well.

4. When was the last date you went on and how did it go?

5. What is more embarrassing, food stuck in your teeth or food spilled on your clothes?
I think the food spilled on your clothes because you can always clean out your teeth. If you drink water often I'm sure it's less likely to happen, and the other person would usually inform you of it. I know I'd tell someone about it, even if he was an interviewer or something.

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