Monday, February 07, 2005

Sharing is Caring put up a great article about the economics of sharing. Why do people share information? More specifically, why do programmers work on open source programs when they can harness their talent for more money? Some of the reasoning it provides is that information is non-rivalrous, it has network effects, and it has a low cost of transmitting. It's a rather interesting article because it also discusses sharing beyond just information, like processor power or bandwidth. On this topic, there's also some testimony here about Kazaa sharing information about its users, but I don't really want to say much about it.

On to movie news. You horror junkies will enjoy these new stills from the Ring 2 movie. I'd put up one or two here, but I think a couple are spoilers and anyway the only ones worth posting would scare like half my audience. As I reported a few days ago, Eva Marie Saint will be Ma Kent in the Superman Returns movie. What I didn't report was this little tidbit about her character being a widow (truer to the comics) and also her personal interest in the role. Those of you keeping up with X-Men 3 on the other side of the comic book movie spectrum should note that things are still going slow with Alan Cumming still in the dark about the script. While I'm on comic books, I wanted to show off a couple of great stills from of the Batman Begins tv spot I mentioned yesterday.

The Scarecrow!!!
Marry me Katie!

That article also mentions some of the other Super Bowl tv spots, but I didn't really find the other ones all that exciting. Apparently the title for one of Elisha Cuthbert's upcoming new movies, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, did not make it pass the MPAA. The movie sounds intriguing aside from the saucy title so hopefully it turns out well. And lastly, for those of you who can't get enough of Mirror Mask, you'll want to read up on this interview with director Dave McKean.

All you nerds will delight in this announcement of new dual-core Pentium 4s. Unfortunately only the Extreme Edition, which I presume will cost more than the standard, supports hyperthreading, but at least both will be faster than 3.0 GHz. While I'm on chips, let's discuss the Cell microchip. This chip will supposedly be very efficient because of it's subdivision of cells to work on different tasks and it utilizes XDR memory. If you're a EE major and you really want to see what it looks like check this out. The rest of you will enjoy this concise summary of its features and specifications. It sounds badass to me despite criticisms. There's another viewpoint of the 4 GHz chip here.

I only have a couple of small things left and then I must go to homework land. The SAG award winners are now up and the only person I was rooting for who won was Texan Jamie Foxx. But that's not to say that the other winners didn't deserve their awards; I just didn't see enough movies last year. If any of you want to see why Disney is screwed without Pixar, which I mentioned a while ago, check out this trailer. If any of you are interested in connecting your cell phone to your land line, you'll want to look into the Cellsocket.

Shall we partake in some Monday Madness?

1. How many clocks (not watches) are in your home? How many of them are digital? How many do you really look at during the day?
There are three in my apartment and about seven at my parent's house (excluding phones and tvs and VCRs). I use all of my apartment clocks, but two of them are alarm purposes (one as a backup, and it's suprisingly helpful).

2. How many lamps (non-overhead lights) do you have in your home? What's your average wattage? Are any of them energy saver bulbs?
Three in my apartment and most likely five or more at my parent's house. None of mine are energy saver and they're like 60watts.

3. How many house plants do you have in your home? How many need more attention than you give them?
I don't have any and my mom only keeps fake plants indoors. I prefer to keep nature outside.

4. How many photos/pictures/drawings/child's art are on your walls? How many from each of the four categories?
Sadly I have none of those on my walls, just posters. If it was my own place I'd probably put up more, but because I'm renting it I don't want to lose my deposit.

5. About how many electric gadgets are in your kitchen? How many are used on a daily basis? How many are used occasionally? How many have been used once and stashed? How many have never been used?
Just the standard appliances (microwave and toaster oven and rice cooker). I use the microwave and toaster oven daily, and I actually have a George Foreman grill stashed that I haven't used yet but really want to.

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