Thursday, February 24, 2005


"I'm gonna make it do what it do, baby!" - Ray

I went to the 6:00PM showing of Ray at the Union tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think some people are reluctant about this movie because it's a biography, but the best reason to come to this movie is the acting. It doesn't look like a movie about the life of Ray Charles Robinson; it looks like the life of Ray Charles. You can really feel the intricacies of his personality and his life and the movie just really delivers on telling the story as best as it can. If Jamie Foxx doesn't win Actor of the Year then the whole universe is backwards because seeing him get so into that role is phenomenal. I highly reccomend this movie and give it an A-. I felt the pacing at some points could've been better.

I mentioned the downfall of TiVO the other day now I have news that they may be bought by Apple. It's all speculation, but it could possibly save the company. What is for sure though is that Apple is downscaling its promotion of FireWire. It's mainly because USB 2.0 has made advances to compensate and plus it would cut costs to ship iPods without it. Those of you looking for new ways to charge your cell phone may want to look to the air like innovators in Dehli are. I always envisioned a future where we wouldn't even need to charge laptops with a wire. Lastly, the geniuses as Google have implemented a movie operator to help you find movie reviews and showtimes. You can even put in some keywords related to a movie and find it if you can't recall the title. Neat, huh?

I have some cool movie news today. I only vaguely heard of a movie adaptation of Hairspray and now we know for sure that John Travolta will be in it. It's being written by Leslie Dixon, who has written some other interesting movies as well (including Mrs. Doubtfire, which I adore as a comedy). I've loved Travolta since I saw him in Pulp Fiction so I hope he does well. Speaking of Pulp Fiction, Christopher Walken will be in a movie called Click opposite Adam Sandler. Apparently he's a mysterious figure who gives Sandler a remote that controls his life. I really hope that movie doesn't blow. While we're talking about Tarantino movies why not talk about Tarantino: it turns out that he'll be directing the season finale of CSI. I don't watch the show, but I'll likely watch that episode. Martin Campbell has finally starting talking about Casino Royale and it seems like he's trying to bring the 007 series back to its roots. He's no Tarantino but maybe he can put out another decent Bond movie. And finally, I thought I'd mention the new trailer for Into the Blue for all you fans of movies with pretty people (Jessica Alba and Paul Walker).

Just a few short things left. I had to mention the lawsuit against Sean Connery for being a rowdy neighbor because I think that's really funny. The PSX may not be dead so those of you looking for a PS2/DVD Burner hybrid will want to look into that. EA turned out another Fight Night game and it looks really cool. They say it's a must-have and given how awesome the first iteration was I'm not surprised. It's more fun that you think it could be so if you have a PS2 give it a chance. I'd put up pictures but I have much better pictures for SOCOM III:

Yay for stealth

According to the e-mail I got from Sony some of maps will be up to 5 times as large as before, you can now customize your weapons from 30 weapons and 21 attachments, and some of the vehicles available will include turret-equipped pickups, SEAL-team Humvees, and the SOC-R Assault Boat. Plus the AI is supposed to be better and the voice recognition will be better. I'm really really excited and it's due to be out this October.

Now I'm going to try the 3x Thurday meme:

1. How well do you eat? What's your definition of 'eating healthy'?
I consider myself to eat pretty well because my dieting from a few years ago put it in my head that eating bad is going to make me fat again. It sounds crazy I know but if I ever eat unhealthy it's not more often than once a week.

2. Do you get any exercise on a regular basis? What's your definition of 'a regular basis', and what do you do?
I go to the gym at least 6 days a week for a half hour and I do 3 sets of 6 exercises to work out 2 muscle groups. I have a 4 day cycle (biceps/chest, shoulders/trapezius, back/triceps, legs/abs) and it's working out slowly but surely.

3. Do you take vitamins or supplements? Why/Why not? If you do, what do you take?
I take HEB-Buddy chewables! It has 100% of most things so I take one every other day.

Barely any people are visiting anymore so if you guys have suggestions of what you don't like feel free to comment.

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