Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First Scary CS 315 Test

The battle continues...

I thought everyone would get a kick out of that comic from CAD. Back to the title though: my first CS 315 test in Downing is tomorrow and I am freaking out. With Mike Scott I knew what the tests would be like and though they took time I always knew that they were possible. People supposedly study hard for 315 tests though and it sounds more than just a cookie cutter test. The brain buster he gave us Monday was 'how do you create a class that is guaranteed to only be instantiated once?' Many of us tried different ways but he shot them down and tomorrow I'll post the answer. If you don't already know the answer feel free to comment with your guess. He claims that that'll be the kind of problems we'll see on the test. Freaky, huh? It's Java though! This stuff is supposed to be easy! I went to a study group tonight that I thought would make me feel more comfortable with the test but it didn't. Though the study group I went to Monday did help marginally (if anyone who assisted me is reading this, thanks a bunch!). I can only hope and pray that I'm smart enough to ace it.

I am actually busting with movie news today. For me the biggest thing was that Quentin Tarantino has made parts for Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis in his upcoming Inglorious Bastards movie, which already includes Bo Svenson, Adam Sandler, and Michael Madsen. It's a World War II movie about some captured U.S. soldiers given a chance to reprieve, and that's basically all that is known about it right now. Famke Janssen is now confirmed to be Jean in X3 despite uncertainties with the rest of the cast. To complement this news I have news that Kal Penn, of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and the American Pie movies, will now be a bad guy in Superman Returns. This may actually complete the cast of the anticipated movie, and I hope this becomes a good follow-up film for him to The Namesake. My last piece of really exciting news is an exclusive clip of Ong Bak posted by FilmForce. I'm definitely a fan of this breakout Thai movie and that clip is a must see for action fanatics.

I do actually have a few more movie tidbits left. The Rock will be in John Woo's Spy-Hunter movie (an adaptation from the video game), which is interesting because it may be his first actually good movie. Orlando Bloom and Gladiator fans alike won't want to miss the new Kingdom of Heaven trailer, which is directed by Ridley Scott and follows a peasant who becomes a knight. Naomi Watts (The Ring) and Edward Norton (Fight Club) have signed on to be the main characters of The Painted Evil. It sounds like a very deep 1920s movie and should add credibility to both their careers if it turns out well. Besides, Norton usually doesn't disappoint. JoBlo gave a decent review for Hitch, the new romantic comedy starring Will Smith, along with eight other critics. Could this movie actually be good? Yahoo Movies has another short, exclusive interview clip for War of the Worlds up, and it's worth a quick look. And lastly, hardcore Sam Raimi fans may like this interview about Boogeyman.

A Google employee resigned yesterday following contraversy over his blog critizing the company. As I've reported earlier, this isn't this first case for such an incident but this may actually be valid. There's a difference between harmless blogging about your company and being an employee for Microsoft who posts pictures of Apples being unloaded on M$ campus.

Not a whole lot of other techie news. There's an awesome commentary of Google Maps, which I had posted about yesterday, over here. It's a great read for tech savvy people and those who are just curious. A factor in the creation of this new service may have been Google's acquisition of Keyhole (source: a dude on the ACM boards), but it's mesmerizing nonetheless. The other thing I have to talk about is an article about Microsoft's need to shift strategies. It's not a bad read and has some sensical approaches that M$ could take. I guess I should also briefly mention that IGN gave KOTOR 2 a decent review, but Star Wars games never tickled my fancy.

So today was Ash Wednesday and all you pagans can read all about it here. Those of you who don't know me should know that I'm kidding and am tolerant of all religions except Mormonism (sounds too hokey) and Scientology (yes, let's cough blood and not go to a doctor because God wills it). Anyway, in other religious news it seems like rumors are sprouting that the Pope (John Paul II) is considering stepping down. These claims are hardly well validated, but it would be a lot more sense for him to resign than for him to put on this strong front while he continues to get sicker and sicker. The Pope is meaningless to me though. He sits at the Vatican, prays, holds masses, and passes judgement on Catholocism as if it's an entity that he owns. I don't like the idea of anyone owning a religion but God. If people would except the organize nature of faith it would cure some of the problems we have with fundmentalists.

And now for the Midweek Music Meme:

Name three (or more!) people and the custom ringtones you’ve either set for them on your phone, or would if you could.
My phone isn't new enough to support custom ringtones, but if it could I would choose one of these:
By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jaded - Aerosmith
Don't Say Nuthin - The Roots

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