Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Eagles Are Short on Miracles

Today has been a hectic day starting with Texas Revue practice and ending with this sad showing:

This about sums up the game

I watched a good portion of the Super Bowl and I'm surprised that the Eagles didn't fight harder. They had a bunch of careless plays and that interception by the Patriots in the last ten seconds was sick. I was actually rooting for the Eagles until their lack of vigor in the fourth quarter. It wasn't a horrible game though and did have some great passes. There were only a handful of great commercials (War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, that one with the guy holding his cat and a knife when his date walked in), but it was still fun all-in-all. Interestingly enough the party I was at got a visit from the cops, and by some miracle they didn't realize that I was under 21 (there was liquor on the counter) from my learner's permit. I can't believe someone complained about the noise! All we were doing was watching the game and it was turned up, but it was far from deafening.

I have quite a few things to cover but not much time so this post won't be too long. I'm pretty dry on movie news other than a tip from a friend that the Batman Begins site got a makeover. It now includes some downloadables (including a wallpaper I'm now using), a few interviews, and of course the commercial I mentioned earlier. The new tv spot doesn't give away much more, but it does keep you salivating for more. And the enthusiasm that Boyer expresses on his interview instills renewed hope in me for the movie. Oh, and I linked to the War of the Worlds one above as well if you didn't catch it.

The bulk of my news today is more relevant to the tech-savvy. It seems that MCI's ISP is coming under fire from Spamhaus, which is now claiming that they're harboring spam groups for a cool five million bucks. I'm suprised that their ISP is popular enough to even make money that way, and they should be spit on for doing it. On the other side of the spectrum, a bunch of crazy Canadians at the University of Calgary is actually hosting a course that teaches students to write spam software in an effort to help them understand how to write the antidotes to the problem. I can see their reasoning, but I still think it's rather dangerous. Thus, I'm staying neutral on this issue, because it has educational value as well as nefarious values. Moving on though, it appears that the future is now with a japanese consortium developing discs (HVDs) that can hold one terrabyte, which is 1000GB. These could hold five and half days of television programming! It probably won't come out for public release for a long while yet, but it dose pose a challenge for HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Back to the negativity though, a small Russian company claims that Windows XP SP2 has a rather dangerous bug that could allow worm and hacker attacks. Microsoft brushed off the claims, as you would expect, but I don't doubt that it actually is a defect given the track record of SP2. Lastly, Sunbird 0.2 has now been released. It's a standalone calendar application and it actually looks rather slick.

Now for your daily dose of homosexual news. A group of them heckled New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for appealing a court decision allowing same sex marraige. He claims that he supports them but believes the law must be followed, but that's a load of crap. Washington may actually become the second state to allow same sex marraige (after Massachusetts) if the high court of the state rules in the favor of such couples.

I've now finished my first project of CS 315! If anyone wants to see how my partner and I solved it you can e-mail me for the code. I think we did a rather good job and we were quite thorough with it. We not only used JUnit but also ran for loops testing an unfathomable number of dates so we're hoping for a 25/25. I'm especially proud of how our Javadoc turned out. I'd upload it, except that I don't think enough people would care to see it for me to put it online. I'm willing to share it with whoever wants to take a look at it, however. This pair programming stuff makes coding easier to swallow and allows for more confidence in the final product. Now to move on to a Jolly puzzler and a very useful new piece of software to work on.

I must finish up some homework before I go to bed so here's my Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Shelter::Shantyhouses
  2. Karate Kid::That really bad movie from last decade
  3. Andrew::A fun friend of mine from high school
  4. Rib::The McRib sandwich for some reason
  5. Push it::What else could I think of but that horrid song from the late 80s or early 90s (I don't remember much about it other than the chorus)
  6. Creep::This guy at the gym I overheard telling his friend (quite audibly) that he was so drunk the previous night that he thinks he almost mollested some girl
  7. Chainlink::Chain letters, which suck
  8. Squash::A fruit that I think is disgusting
  9. No mercy::When you have a person surrounded in a waterballoon fight
  10. Superhero::Batman of course!

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