Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Simplify to Increase Your Productivity

Things are definitely crazy at work now. I'm probably going to have to get to work early tomorrow because I have much to do before my mentor goes on vacation. At least I know I won't be bored though! Although I'm not a fan of documenting tests. Anyway, I know the topic sounds lame today, but I just found a couple of small articles I liked. It almost seems counterintuitive that it would simplify your life to buy an extra monitor, but it really does. I've seen people work on them, and it's amazing how much better you can multi task! You could have code open in one monitor while the code is open in another! It performs as if they're just one monitor, so it's very intuitive. If I had the money, I'd definitely rig one of these up, and you can be sure I will when I graduate, because it's a surefire way to dramatically increase your productivity. Another great way to simplify your life is to use an online hard drive, like Omnidrive, which is now in private beta but looks quite promising. The interface is very reflective of Windows Explorer, which makes it easy for Windows users to get into. I think it simplifies your life to have data backed up online because then you have less to worry about in case your computer crashes or is stolen. Especially in the latter case, since it's not easy for someone to take your backup hard drive if it isn't physically with you.

Speaking of online repositories, Google may be working on a Sourceforge-like site of its own for developers to keep their open source projects. I look forward to confirmation from them on this, because I think that Sourceforge's layout is starting to get a bit dated. Apple's laptops are really gaining market share in the personal portable computing market and are now up to 12%! In a market as diverse as laptops and a world dominated by Windows, that's quite an achievement. Oh, and Intel is actually going to be talking up its Merom processor (for notebooks) this Thursday at its gala event to kickoff the release of its Core 2 Duos for desktops. Not much else to say on that, we'll just have to wait a couple more days. The classic game of monopoly is getting an upgrade in a few European countries where it will have credit cards that are handled electronically rather than having to use paper money. I guess that Visa wants to teach younger audiences the value of credit? Lastly, programmers will want to bookmark this page with a list of various cheat sheets and quick references for various languages and formats (like ASCII). I may have to print out some of these, actually.

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I still haven't seen Saw 2, but I'm loving these Saw 3 posters because they're just so creative. We also have a poster for Mike Judge's Idiocracy, thought it's still being approved for theaters. I like it though; it's nice and subtle. Richard Kelly's next film will be a former project of Eli Roth, who has too much on his plate right now to work on it, called The Box. It sounds like a drama/thriller since it's the classic story of good luck that's too good to be true, and Kelly's take on everything always seems to be pretty crazy and twisted. Lastly, a millionaire who was wrongfully accused of stealing a movie by the MPAA is now contesting this shady practice of random lawsuits with an all-out legal battle, which is a luxury most of the MPAA's victims can't afford. I think it's really awesome that he's doing this and I hope that he ends up winning!

I'm just gonna go with the TMI Tuesday this week:

1. Have you ever called in sick to have sex?
I would.
2. Do you feel "entitled" to sex when you are in a relationship?
That sounds like faulty logic. There is such a thing as date rape that I imagine stems in some situations from that.
3. Have you ever dated/married purely for money?
There's a fun prospect, but no.
4. Have you ever, of your own free will, had sex with someone you didn't really want to? Why?
5. Name three words that:
a) get you excited
desert sex games (I guess they're even better when in the same sentence)
b) make you squirm
ass to mouth (Clerks 2 fans will understand me here)
c) make you laugh
pussywillow fuckass peanuth (inside joke from a friend of a friend pronouncing 'peanut')

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