Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lies about CS Shortage?

I have finally bought my first pair of shorts in many years. I just thought that was noteworthy because I never bought shorts because I don't like showing my hairy legs, but it's way too hot to not wear shorts; screw my legs. CNet put up a good perspective revealing a little scandal that took place a few years ago, but I think that they push it too far. Anyone could tell you that the US falling behind other countries in the ACM competition was way too inflated and we actually did pretty well, which is why I don't think I even reported on the stupid stories. However, what most people don't know is that college and industry officials cried a labor shortage in the late 90s, and the increase in H-1Bs to allow foreign workers helped contribute to the waves of layoffs the country experienced in the next couple of years in IT. What's sad is that the aftermath of that crap brings us to today's situation: miscommunication about how successful the industry is right now and a lack of interest in students to pursue the field. That writer is correct in say that our programmers can code, but I think he's wrong in asserting that we have enough of them. I think that the government should be doing more to encourage students, but I'd be just as satisfied if they offered more scholarships across the board. Oh well, no point in ranting about it.

Intel has already started shipping Core 2 Duo mobile chips (named Merom) to manufacturers, and the rumor goes that Apple has been receiving some of those shipments for a newer MacBook Pro that may be available in August. I think that they'll keep a stockpile of them, and then announce at WWDC while people start placing their orders online. We also have rumors that Apple is working on an eBook after an insider at a publishing house admitted that Apple requested that they archive their manuscripts and a source within Apple claims that their unsatisfied with just audio books. Supposedly, Microsoft is planning on "flanking" the iPod with their Zune brand by "transforming the market." This all sounds like buzz talk to me, and I think that Microsoft is going to need much more than that if they expect to gain some ground. Back to Apple real quick, I ran into some Steve Jobs internal quotes that I wanted to share because I think it's funny how blunt he is. I've heard similar quotes from people who have worked directly with Jobs, but I see it as just being a harsh business man. I bet his employees pray for days when he's in a good mood. One blogger has decided to create his own analogy of the Internet and the threat to net neutrality to oppose Ted Steven's infamous tubes and dump trucks analysis, and I think it's fantastic. I just love reading from people who share my frustration. If you're looking to purchase a new memory card for your digital camera or cell phone, you'll want to look into Trusted Reviews' roundup of memory cards. I found it useful because I'm thinking of upgrading my camera's memory. Lastly, if you need to make PDFs in a hurry, then you'll want to use this program. I convert to PDF a lot because then you know everyone can read it.

This weekend in the box office, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 reigned supreme for a third time with $35 million. Monster House actually managed to get second with just a few million more than Lady in the Water (which bombed at under $20 million), and Clerks 2 managed to make twice its budget at the #6 spot. Oh, and My Super-Ex Girlfriend didn't even rake in $9 million, probably because the trailers looked so horrible. Miami Vice had better take the top spot next weekend. Kurt Russell will be in Tarantino's half of Grind House, probably taking the place of Mickey Rourke. I'm not sure what Rourke's role was before he left though, so don't take my word on that. ComicCon has brought us a few more character posters from Spider-man 3, and I'm definitely digging the way . they look. However, this poster from 300 is so much cooler than those:

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Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Requirements :: Project

  2. Pizza :: Ice Cream

  3. Dating :: Game

  4. Issue :: Magazine

  5. Sharp :: Marker

  6. Distinguish :: Medal

  7. Remote :: Control

  8. Felony :: Crime

  9. Exercise :: Machine

  10. Choose :: Power

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