Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Windows Delay and No Tech Boom?

Alright, I'm going to have to speed up this post since I spent so much time today working on my Computer Architecture project (at least it's a really sweet cache simulator) and now have to study intensely for my 9AM Physics test. Has Vista been delayed? Nope. At least, not yet. Gartner believes that there's no way they'll be able to make their two-pronged November/January release dates because it's so complex. I think that Gartner is blowing hot air. I think it's too far in advance of the release to make such a harsh judgement, and I think that M$ knows the consequence of another delay all to well to walk right into it. The other thing I wanted to talk about was Information Week's claim that we're not in the middle of a tech boom. I think it all depends on how you define a boom, and I don't like how they spell it out. They're pretty much assuming that the 2000 dot com boom is the golden standard for all other booms in the future of technology, and I think that's a bad choice. Do we measure all economic depressions based on the Great Depression? If we did, then all we've had since then are just tiny little recessions. I think we're in a boom in an economic sense, but it's not an irrational bubble, which I think is a good thing. Eventually, we'll bust, but it won't hurt nearly as much as when it last happened just a few years ago, and we'll likely recover more quickly as a result. I agree that there's less venture capital and that M&A has been largely reasonable, but I don't think that salaries and benefits are all that bad out there. They're downright decent. Anyway, I'll let you form your own opinions.

Remember Yahoo's propaganda campaign at CES about how big Go was going to be? TDG Research has their report up about it, and it sounds like more propaganda, but at least it clarifies their master plan a bit better than Terry Semel tried to. I don't know how well suited they are to take on the likes of Intel and Microsoft, especially with Apple likely to enter the market soon, because a free price tag and their supposedly easy-to-use interface may not be enough. Speaking of Intel, they're upping the ante on their Core processors by claiming that 90% of their chip production will have two cores by the end of the year. I doubt that much software will be optimized for multiple cores by then. Click to enlarge All that talk about the Nintendo Wii hasn't ended yet. 1up.com has a decent editorial about how Nintendo enthusiasts shouldn't feel stupid by supporting the new name because its what's inside the box that counts, not what you call it. I think that Nintendo's fanbase and developer base is strong enough that they could call it the Nintendo Crapweasel and it would still do really well. Gamasutra has some comments from developers who don't like the name, but no real big names are giving their thoughts on it. I think we'll all learn to get used to it. Lastly, yesterday, May 1, has become a traditional day to unveil new, fancy, CSS layouts. I obviously wasn't going to get the NSC site done in time, but others have, and you can check out the latest in web design here.

We've waited many months, and it's finally here: a trailer for Superman Returns. It probably could've been better, but at least it had some really sweet action shots. I was almost giddy to see Kevin Spacey do some Lex Luthor lines. We also have a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, and it seemed slightly more impressive. I think it'll be hard for them to repeat the spontaneous charm of the first movie, but I did enjoy that trailer. Oh, and if you forgot about MI:3, IGN has a new clip for you. They also found out that a draft of the script for Die Hard 4.0 is on the table and awaiting approval from all important parties (including Mr. Willis). I think he's getting too old for these kinds of movies. Hideo Kojima has confirmed that a Metal Gear Solid movie will be made, and it'll be in English (i.e. it'll be done in Hollywood). I'm skeptical about this mainly because MGS has quite a dense plot, and I'm not sure how well that'll transfer onto the big screen. Lastly, we have word that The Nightmare Before Christmas will be re-released this October (in time for Halloween, big surprise) in 3-D, and that's great news because for those of you who don't know: that movie rocks. At least we know there'll be one good move out this Halloween.

Now for the Tuesday Twosome meme:

1. What were your two favorite TV and/or radio programs as a child? Tell about it.
Probably The Simpsons and Batman. I don't remember what the full name of that Batman series, but it was the best one of the Batman cartoon shows where Batman was pretty dark and it was just really fun to watch.

2. If you could follow someone around for one day (unseen), who would it be and why?
Probably my CS 337 professor because I'm curious as to what he actually does all day. Or, a hot chick. Either way.

3. What are your favorite and least favorite times of the day? (waking up, driving to work, etc.)
Favorite time is bedtime, and the least favorite would have to be trying to wake up. Oh those moments of grogginess are the worst ever.

4. Name two things in your freezer:
Some Coors Lights and chicken tenders.

5. What two things sets you apart from the crowd?
My unfortunately OCD way of handling school work (sacrifice some fun times for some good grades, meh) and that I make my own lunch every day (a lot of people just get junk food, it seems).


[Mat] said...

crappy name, for sure...

Wee... wii...

Oui, we.

Hopefully, the games will make up for it.


Connie said...

THE ANIMATED BATMAN SERIES RULES. i got it from dc++ =].