Sunday, May 07, 2006

E3 Almost Here

You know what sucks? The last weekend of the semester is over. So all I have left this week is studying and moving out now that all my fun is over. Oh well, it was definitely very fun though. Anyway, this week will encompass the single most important thing in the world of video games: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or what we lovingly refer to as E3. This is where news is broken and new deals are brokered. Last year was a once in a decade kind of E3 where everyone showed their cards for the next generation, and this E3 will be a little more of that, but should mostly be a lot of cool, next-gen stuff. It'll likely also help decide the fate of the next DVD format, which I recently posted rested on the shoulders of pornographers, but these consoles will also bear some weight. If the PS3 price is released (which I doubt, but it's possible), and it's $500 or less, then that entire console competes with a plain old HD-DVD player, and it can play Blu-ray movies, of course. Some may think it's the other way around, but I can't see the Xbox 360 or PS3 failing because one format loses to the other. While they're bickering over that stuff, Nintendo could end up stealing the show, and I'd actually be disappointed if they didn't. With a new name, all they need is a really low price and a summer launch date to gain massive ground against the PS3 and undercut the Xbox 360 a bit. I think that if they get enough good launch titles that it'll really take off despite its image as a kiddie console and the funky name. I think that Nintendo is in a rather precarious situation now, because if this console fails, they're probably going to be doomed to just making games and handhelds.

With E3 almost here, Sony is going to go ahead and release its new PS3 controller design tomorrow. No clues yet as to what it'll be, or even why they're holding this press conference before E3, but I'm guessing that it'll be so shocking (like the Wii) that they felt it was better do it now, or so weak that they didn't want to make a big deal about it at their E3 keynote. Do you remember what gadgets used to be like back in the day? Well Fosfor Gadgets does, and they've put up a small feature comparing the old and new versions of various consumer electronics. Quite a fun little skim. Another fun read is an Improv Everywhere mission where they had lots of people dress in royal blue and pose as Best Buy employees at a big Best Buy in NYC. They didn't actually tell them in plain terms to be like employees, since that may get them in trouble, but they did a good job of getting away with it. Apple is making itself more unpopular with the Internet geek community (not a good bunch of people to piss off) by sending a threatening letter to Something Awful because of a picture in their forum trying to show how to replace the thermal grease in MacBook Pros to reduce the temperature. It's really because it shows shoddy design, and Apple really should be ashamed of themselves rather than harassing their users. Lastly, if you've ever needed a map in your car for a trip, then you'll love this site.

As everyone in the world expected, MI:3 came out on top this weekend with nearly $50 million. The other openers were rather low key, and there was actually a huge gap between #1 and #2, which was R.V. at over $11 million. Anyway, MI:3 should've made more given the huge marketing budget, and I'm sure that the studio is praying for a small dropoff next weekend despite going up against Poseidon. JoBlo actually interviewed Ving Rhames if you've been bit by the MI:3 bug like I have been. Lastly, if you're into movie scores then you can read all about Hans Zimmer's Da Vinci Code score here.

I thought I'd post another picture from the weekend since it was so eventful. If you want to see more, just check out my Zoto. You can choose to see my pics in order of recency of upload, and there'll be pages from just this weekend. I didn't put up some NSC exec dinner pictures, but they will be up later this week. Here's me getting a Blow Job (Kahlua and Bailey's Irish Cream layered), and it was freaking awesome (I took another one later that night):

You're not supposed to use your hand for this shot

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Represent :: Rap

  2. Mumbling :: Muttering

  3. Meetup :: Meeting

  4. Tantalizing :: Flavor

  5. Fake :: Orgasm

  6. Dale :: Boomhower

  7. Deny :: Failure

  8. Calories :: Fat

  9. Roll :: Tootsie

  10. 44 :: Numbers

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[Mat] said...

Yay for Nintendo!

The hell with the other big guys. I hope mario never dies. And I'll fork out the cash to buy a Wii. Even if I hate the name.

Ps3 controller... a copycat idea?

hd vs blue ray.... beta vhs. etcetcetc.

Good for drinks. Too bad it ended up being uneventful. Damn.

Well... off to work, again :)

Cheers, E!