Friday, August 26, 2005

Summer '05 in Retrospect

I think it's true

As you can tell from the comic, I'm back to normal. We're going to talk with the executive office of Collina's to get our money back on the towing. The comic does seem pretty random, but it does reflect my freshman year living experience inasmuch as my room mates were hooked to a game that when I played for a bit made me realize how evil it is. Not in a bad way, but more in a timesuck kind of way. There's not a whole lot of great news today so I'm going to cut the news portion of this post short in order to reflect a bit on my summer. I'm also cutting it short because tomorrow morning I leave to go back to Austin.

Some of my regular readers may know much about my summer and what it was like, but I'm sure that many of you don't so I'll hit on the high points. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had summer school Monday-Thursday and got through 9 hours of social studies, which completes my core and allows me the status of Junior for Spring registration. The first session was very easy and I learned C++ on the side, but I also started babysitting. When July hit things went in full gear and I was always pretty busy between two classes, babysitting most days of the week, and trying to figure out wxWidgets. I did not formally take a vacation. My only trip was to San Antonio for a weekend the weekend before last to go to Schlitterbahn with some cousins. I guess that sounds sad, but I got to spend a lot of time on weekends with my brother and his girlfriend and that was nice because I will not see them for a while now (I'll get to that real soon). I also got my beautiful car this summer and I'm very appreciative of it despite the a/c problems it caused me.

Those were all my accomplishments over the summer, but what really saddened me was that I didn't get the programming done I wanted to. The idea was to do a Grade Calculator program (to get used to making a GUI) and a program to help Latin students learn the language (a supplement to the Wheelock). I started on the former, but not at all on the latter. I really wanted these under my belt to help me out at the Career Fair, but hopefully I can dig up an internship anyway (pray for me!). I was also disappointed that I didn't see my friends as much as I had wanted to, but I did have fun with them the few times we went out. I wanted to read some Stephen King and I only started Carrie just last week. I had wanted to learn some new guitar pieces but I only learned some popular music. The more I write this the more I realize that my plans were too extravagant anyway. If I just get a CS job for next summer I'll be more than happy. I will not be coming back to Houston for a long while. I may come back for Buzzfest (October 22) at the earliest. Being at home made me realize how much I hate to not be in control of my own life. I didn't wait four years for college for nothing, and now I realize it. I love my parents dearly, but they baby me too much and restrict me a lot. I shouldn't be worried about anything but my personal affairs and here I'm worried about whether my mom is pissed at me or not. Plus, I need to get used to cooking for myself. I look forward to the next school year, and my goals include maintaining a 4.0 GPA, becoming a higher officer in NSC and the ACM, getting closer to friends I've made, and becoming more comfortable with getting around Austin. Here's to the end of a packed summer.

I'm going to put together all the really good tech news and movie news into this paragraph. There's a lot of buzz around Apple investing a lot of money in Samsung in order to reap the benefits of their flash memory. This would mean a lot of improvements for the iPod Mini, which currently uses a hard disk, in most areas other than price, which Samsung may work with them on. In the courts, Apple lost an estimated $15 million to possibly 1.3 million victims of poor or defective batteries. This has been going on for a long time so it's good to have closure. A British study has found that men on average score 5 points higher than women on IQ tests, which I'm posting here to ruffle some feathers and see what people think. The New York Times has a great article on Greenspan having to leave the Fed in January and a worthwhile read for those of you interested in the economy. Now for some quick movie stuff. There is finally a Japanese trailer for the upcoming movie Memoirs of a Geisha. I already packed up my speakers but the trailer looks really awesome and I hope this movie is a hit. The wheels are in motion for a sequel to the comedy movie Bruce Almighty and they got Steve Carrell back on board, which is weird because a sequel doesn't sound feasible and he's so talented. Lastly, IGN has some cool pictures from Corpse Bride.

Now for the Friday Fiver:

1. Link to your local news source:
The Daily Texan since I only read local news in Austin, not Houston.

2. Link to your favorite dessert:
Too hard, I pass.

3. Link to a band that you despise:
I hate System of a Down with a passion.

4. Link us to a good book:
I'm currently reading Carrie and it's phenomenal for its implicit criticism of religious fundamentalism and its frighteningly realistic window into the life of someone who is the source of childish ridicule.

5. Link to your favorite Muppet frog:
Kermit, duh.

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