Monday, August 29, 2005

I Moved In, Baby!

I'm back in Austin and excited to be back "home", or am I? It feels like I have to get used to living here again. After spending a whole summer in Houston I almost miss being at home. Isn't that funny? I've spend all this time trying to get out of there and now I feel homesick. The same thing happened to me last year though, so I'm not too worried. I guess it's because being at my parents' place is a security blanket and things are just easier to deal with whereas over here I'm all on my own and I have to drive on the scary freeway ramps and hilly roads. I got confused and lost a few times today while trying to get to church and back and finding parking and such so the other drivers must've thought I was drunk or crazy or something. It almost seems like driving in Houston is easier, but anyway it's definitely a whole different ballgame. Moving into the apartment went relatively smooth and after working like a dog all day I got everything unpacked and today I put away all the empty boxes and did some vacuuming. It looks much more like a "home" now and all that's really left to do is put up posters so the walls aren't so bare. It's a good bit bigger than my old place, but due to the large closet my room mate's (Avinash) desk has to be in the living room. Also, we have a dining table this time! And a patio also with storage for all our boxes. It's really strange to be so far from campus (5 or 6 miles), but the drive only takes like 10 minutes. Drop me a line if you're at UT and wanna come by or hang out and definitely let me know if you also live in Far West!

I want this post to be the start of shorter blog posts, so let's see how that goes over with the tech news that accumulated over the weekend. I will still keep blogging though because I wouldn't want to contribute to the demise of geek bloggers, which I think have just normalized rather than become totally decimated. Just as a follow=up to an article I mentioned last week about the decline in Indian outsourcing, I thought I'd plug this quickie about the possibility of such jobs moving to rural areas quickly becoming connected to the Net. The rest of what I want to discuss is actually Google-related. There's actually a good amount of buzz about the possibility of Google providing its own free WiFi service given its new control over dark cables across the nation in order to save themselves a lot of money in fees paid to ISPs. Considering such an ambitious project it's ironic that one editorial claims that Google has reached its peak. He makes a lot of good points in that they may become more focused on improving products quickly to block out competitors rather than roll out a lot of new stuff, but I just think it's too early to say that they've stopped accelerating.

Just a few movie items for the weekend, and I'm going to start with the scary stuff. JoBlo got some new Saw II pictures that are particularly creepy for those interested. The marketing campaign for The Exorcism of Emily Rose doesn't make it sound too good, but according to one reviewer it's surprisingly good and mainly a courtroom drama. I may end up seeing that one after all. We haven't heard much from Orlando Bloom in a while so I just thought I'd plug this interview with him to see what all he has been up to. Lastly, check out the new Domino poster:

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Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Girlfriends::Expensive
  2. Here to stay::Clothes
  3. Call me::Back
  4. Frustrated::Irritated
  5. Public school::Bellaire
  6. Glitch::Bug
  7. Cheese::Seinfeld (remember the two waitresses at Monk's eating grilled cheese?)
  8. Director::Movie
  9. Pivotal::Important
  10. Exclusive::Interview

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