Thursday, August 11, 2005

Games, Games, Games

Back up your stuff!

I just thought that the last line of that strip was absolutely hilarious; you may or may not agree. I think that this will be my last post until Sunday because I will be going to Schlitterbahn on Saturday with my brother and some cousins and so we're going to spend tomorrow night in San Antonio. Anyway, do you like the title? It was meant to be a play on the Jay-Z song "Girls, Girls, Girls" because the big news today is related to video games. I know I bragged about the cool trailers I saw from the E3 press conferences a few months ago, and now IGN has digitally remastered them for your viewing pleasure. The Killzone and Vision GT ones are definite must-sees. I think that the one genre of games that gains the most mass appeal is sports, and I just have to mention SSX On Tour because it sounds so cool since it also features skiing. It's the one bright spot in this video game slowdown and worth a look even for casual players. The last thing was that the 20-year-old who killed three cops did not get leniency for claiming to be influenced by Grand Theft Auto but of course Jack Thompson disagrees. I don't know how it's possible for one guy to be so dumb. How the Hell can a video game train you to actually kill cops?!

I'm going to start out the technology news with a couple of followups from recent events. Remember the money Microsoft won from that lawsuit against the "spam king"? It turns out that they're going to use $5 million to continuing fighting spam and $1 million of it to aid public computer training in New York. I'm pleased that M$ isn't completely evil. I know I mentioned that Google excommunicated ZDNet and I find it funny that the UK division is frantically apologizing and trying to get on Google's good side. I hope it'll work because it makes them sound like a hurt puppy. If you're interested in installing Mac OS X on your PC (or maybe a friend's if your already a Mac owner), then there's a whole guide to it over here. This isn't sanctioned by Apple, but it's a neat experiment nonetheless. Lastly, FedEx is suing a poor guy because he put pictures online of his furniture that he made out of FedEx boxes! He had just started a new job and couldn't afford new furniture so he just made some and it looks pretty cool but FedEx isn't amused. They should've used him for a commercial or something instead.

I'm going to start out the movie news with multimedia once again. A lot of people don't know the history of the upcoming movie Serenity, but now MSN has an inside look at how it got started to get you pumped up for the flick. Yahoo has the trailer for a movie called Jarhead that looks great regarding Operation Desert Storm and it stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx. Don't forget about Gunner Palace by the way. The trailer for Aeon Flux is less exciting because I'm split between whether it will be a fun action movie or a cheesy Matrix knockoff, but I'm leaning towards the latter. We'll see what happens. IGN has an exclusive clip from the documentary that indie movie watchers have been talking about, Grizzly Man, that's sure to pique the interest of fans of March of the Penguins. Fortunately, all the remaining news I have is totally exciting. Robert Rodriguez sounds really pumped to work on Grind House with Quentin Tarantino and is apparently already hammering out the scripts with him. It would be a crime for all you Longhorns to not catch him when he comes to campus next month. The last thing is a huge interview with Bryan Singer in which he talks more about the story of Superman Returns and his insight on the characters is really refreshing. He may just put life back into an old superhero.

Now for some 3x Thursday action:

1. Name 3 pet peeves and explain them.
Nails on chalkboard is a big one because even thinking about it hurts my head. I can't stand it when people don't use turn signals when there are other people around. If it's a deserted road I can understand but when you're on the freeway it really is necessary. The last one is people who keep their shoes on inside homes, particularly mine. Why would you bring your dirty shoes on someone's clean carpet?

2. Name 3 things you would like to do before the year is up.
I want to get an alpha version of my program to help in learning Latin, become much more cut (my body I mean), and I'd like to go to San Marcos to finally do some good clothes shopping.

3. Name 3 things you'd like to accomplish before you die.
I want to get married (I'd like to be a family man), I'd like to help create an actual video game, and I want to play in a real band (even if it's just at church or something).

Bonus Question for Comments: Name 3 of your favorite movies.
Too easy: Kill Bill, Fight Club, and Donnie Darko. That's not my top 3, but they are 3 of my top 10 that are most prominent to me right now.

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