Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Keeping Sources Secret

The incident with Karl Rove was a pretty big deal just a couple of weeks ago and while the issue has cooled down the aftermath is still very much in existence. Was it right for the government to demand the writer to disclose sources to the CIA? On one hand, it's in the interest of national security while on the other it violates one of our most fundamental rights. It seems like kind of a contradiction. So now, newsrooms are trying to use technology to ease their normal sources into trusting them again. I'm pretty glad that they're doing this because when you look at history the best journalists have a lasting impact on the actual history of our country. Would Nixon not have been in office longer if Watergate hadn't been uncovered? What would've happened to Mark Felt had they known that he was the leak? The American public had a right to know about something like that and so these newspapers really need all the anonymity security that they can get their hands on. You think they'll ever incorporate biology with it as well? Biometrics is a clear-cut use for biology in computing, and locking their data up by their fingerprints could become a whole new barrier.

They're good at making things prettyThis project for class is taking up a lot of my time so excuse my brevity with the tech news. Apple has officially announced that they will be breaking their trend of single-button mice with the Mighty Mouse, which features a clickable scroll wheel. This wheel can actually go 360 degrees, and will probably be the source of much gloating from Mac users. An editor for Windows IT Pro is suggesting that people boycott IE 7.0 because of its lack of sufficient standards support, but I really think that we should wait for its release before burning Gates at the stake. Meanwhile, MSN is quietly making way for its start page to compete with Google's personalized home page deal. It looks pretty barebones at this point, but simplicity is the key after all. Wired did an interview with a black hat badboy who found a serious vulnerability in Cisco IOS and got in big trouble for talking about it. Lastly, it looks like BitTorrent is having a good bit of luck getting companies to use the technology to distribute media in the midst of clarifications from the Supreme Court of what's legal and what's not. Kudos to them, they deserve it.

The movie news seems to be dominated by imagery. Some behind-the-scenes pics have surfaced from Marie Antoinette on someone's LJ, so Sofia Copolla fans will want to check those out. The Leaky Cauldron acquired some spanking new pictures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from very random scenes, but any new stuff from that movie is always welcome. IGN got a few exclusive shots from The Brothers Grimm, which you may have started noticing commercials for nowadays. Regis Philbin has signed on to voice the part of Mabel in Shrek 3 in a relatively small role. That article also revealed that there will likely be a fourth movie as well, which I was unaware of. If you're on the edge of your seat to see the Dukes of Hazzard this weekend you may find this new clip amusing. Lastly, I have some superhero news. The villain in the next Punisher movie will be Jigsaw and the first trailer for X3 is expected to be released this December (which seems way too soon for anything worthwhile to be shown). Speaking of X3 though, there's word that Kate Nauta is up for the role a seductive mutant in the movie and comic book geeks everywhere are cringing in shame that this mutant is being included rather than deeper characters from the series.

This week I'm going back to the Tuesday Twosome:


1. What two things that are necessary for you to respect someone?
Being honorable and intelligent.

2. What two things do you think people respect you for?
My honesty and my diligence.

3. Who are two people you respect the most and why?
If I'm limited to only living people I'd probably have to say my parents. They had to do a lot for us to have good lives here and made some very touch choices.

4. What two things can cause you to lose respect for someone?
Lying or disloyalty.

5. Is respect important to you? Why or why not?
I think it's very important because having respect for one another is what keeps people civilized. I like to think that I give people the same respect they give me.

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