Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Tiger Unveiling

It's sleek, it's intuitive, it's sexy, it's the new iteration of Mac OSX! Finally a product that uses the name of my favorite animal. I just found out yesterday that it will go on sale April 29. Remember how I mentioned Konfabulator yesterday? Tiger will actually include functionality very similar to this; meaning that it will include various, nifty knick-knacks for your desktop to make your life easier. Compare it to Konfabulator:

Ooooh  Ahhhhhh

Apple calls theirs Dashboard and it's very similar except that it's just official. That's not all though. It also has better compatibility, built-in RSS capabilities, smarter searching, and much more. You can read about all its features over here. The point is that it's amazing how good they are at getting people excited about their products. How many people have you heard pissing their pants over Longhorn? Bill Gates could learn a thing or two or much more from Steve Jobs. This all connects also with yesterday's post since this is what good propietary software looks like, and you can bet it'll be pretty damn intuitive.

I've got a busy night tonight so I'm going to zoom through the tech news. I had mentioned the Lexis Nexis hacking story a while ago and so when I heard the count of victims went up I didn't think to mention it until I just discovered today that the count is six figures long. So much for the accountability of Lexis Nexis. Another followup I want to mention that Gordon Moore has himself admitted that Moore's law is obsolete in today's world because the industry has become so mature. And one last followup I have is that Microsoft is now offering a low-cost Windows to Brazil, which pretty obviously is in reaction to their decision to switch to Linux as I mentioned a while ago. Sony opened up a site for their flash players that you may want to check out if you're interested in a more colorful alternative to the iPod Shuffle that features an LCD screen. It'll cost a little more, but thankfully Sony has finally decided to support mp3s. If you ever wished you could push a button and generate a paper for a class you might find this web application interesting. It's meant to generate CS research papers randomly! Now that's insane. Lastly, if you've ever wondered about watching TV on your computer, check out this article.

The movie news today is less than thrilling so I'll move fast. To show you how unimpressive it is, I'll start out with this interview with Paris Hilton in which the spoiled sex icon has revealed that she has an interest in remaking old Marilyn Monroe movies and that there has been talk of it. That will really cause some hearts to bleed if it's true. There's also an interview here of David Duchovny if anyone is interested in House of D, which you should be given its cast. I didn't mention it yesterday because not even I have heard of Vinnie Jones, but the actor was supposedly in the X-men 3 casting office and now there's new word suggesting that he'll be playing Juggernaut! And so the plot thickens. Lastly, George Romero's Land of the Dead has been moved up to June 24th, which could mean good things for the horror series.

This post wouldn't be complete without some randomness. I find it amusing that Mike Tyson has signed for another fight with some dude name Kevin McBride. This guy is way too old to be fighting, but I guess he's hard up for the cash. I always found the project of mapping DNA to be quite intriguing and now National Geographic and IBM have teamed up to try to make new advances in the project. And finally, the Fed may be toning down its inflationary expectations from its last meeting, which makes sense because it seems like only gas prices have gone up.

You know you want the Midweek Music Meme now:

What is your favorite (or least favorite!) commercial that features a song?
My favorite is that T-Moble one with Ludacris and Kanye West because that beat is really tight. My least favorite is that bloody Fanta commercial. I hate that song!

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