Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Challenges Microsoft

Do I talk too much about Google? Yes. But the more I learn about their business model the more I like them, and the more I want to work for them as soon as I can. So I thought I'd give my thoughts on a couple of articles online today about their challenge to the Microsoft's "manifest destiny" of sorts over the PC. The first is from Fortune and what they have is almost a summary of the second. The second one is much more detailed and comes to us from Globe and Mail. Red flags actually went up in M$ a couple of years ago, hence the MSN search engine revamp and such. The plan that both of these articles presuppose is one I've mentioned before and even linked anithetical arguments to (you can use the side search bar to try and find them): the possibility of Google creating a totally webcentric computer platform. They've released released new things nearly weekly for the past few months to inch closer to their goal: organizing all the information in the world. When you think about it, it's a pretty good plan. Without Windows, what does M$ have? Just applications based on that OS. All they're doing so far to react is Longhorn, which will be more search-centered, but is it enough? Will Google really achieve all we think it will? You'll have to just stay tuned to find out!

Moving right along, I actually have another bit of Google news. Apparently, they're testing out a feature to allow you to read RSS feeds straight from your Gmail account. This could be pretty big and make Gmail even more versatile than before. A bunch of college students got together to try out the Turing Test. This is a famous, hypothetical test Alan Turing posited about testing how smart a computer is by having a judge talk to it and a person and if the judge can't tell the difference then the computer passes. The results should be quite telling. In an ironic twist, a couple of Americans got tried in China for piracy. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Anyway, just thought that was funny. And lastly, the Nintendo "Revolution" is apparently too revolutionary to be revealed because they will not be unveiling it at E3 when Sony and Microsoft show their cards. I think that's bull and that they're just not sure about everything or ready to show it yet.

The spectrum of interesting movie news today is rather slim. I have a fascination with foreign films because they're so different from what we produce in most cases, and AICN put up a trailer for a Japanese flick called Howl's Moving Castle from the creators of Spirited Away. Surprisingly enough, it's under the Walt Disney name, but I doubt it'll pull in that much money for them so why would they want it? The Da Vinci Code now has a couple of new characters. Ian McKellan, who has been in a ton of movies, will play Leigh Teabing and Alfred Molina will be Bishop Aringarosa. I can't believe they're able to get so many big name actors, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised given the book's sales, huh? If you don't watch Smallville you may want to tune it at least to the season finale on May 18 because there will be an 8 minute preview of Batman Begins, which is worth absorbing all the teen angst and drama. Lastly, there's a fun interview with Johnny Knoxville over here for fans of his films or for the infamous Jackass show.


Yes, you're seeing that image right. There will be a new Coldplay album out soon! The release date is June 7 and you can check out their first single on their website. It's so nice to hear fresh stuff from them. In other music news, the Christian Science Monitor, a highly respected publications for those of you unfamiliar with it, put up an awesome piece on the impact of the iPod giveaway at Duke and its implications for the future. I think the possible educational uses could outweight the threats, but I'm not sure about it outweighing the costs as cheaper universities like UT. And finally, since Austin is the live music capital of the world I thought a lot of you indie-music fans would get a kick out of Indy. It's a P2P program for independent artists and it could become huge in my opinion.

Now for the Midweek Music Meme:

What song would you, if you could get away with it, infli—… er, share with the town at large, at full volume?
I'd have to say "Spin" by Lifehouse, because I just love that song. It's so uplifting and fun to listen to.

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