Sunday, April 17, 2005

My 100th Post

Happy 100 to me! Unfortunately, it marks a weekend when I was totally off schedule with posting and I won't be able to make a full post for my weekend edition. I didn't get back into town until 7PM, then it took a while to get home because of all the MS 150 detours, and by the time I finished my CS project, worked out, and showered it was 1AM. Tomorrow morning I have a huge Linear Algebra test so though I have news to post about I don't have time to do so. Hence, I'll just have a larger than usual post tonight (Monday night), which will be a tad late because I have Props for Profs tonight (will explain in the next post). For today then, you're stuck with some personal reflections. So if you're still interested then read on. Otherwise, pray for my performance on the test because I'm ultra scared.

I had to take the KBC bus home because I couldn't find any other rides, and I must say for future reference that it's amazingly punctual. It said I'd arrive at 8:45PM and my foot hit Houston soil at exactly that minute. I got to drive home on the freeway for the first time! Exciting and scary at the same time, but it's notable because you only drive 60+ mph for the first time once. Anyway, I've got to say that it was worth the cramped bus ride because it was one of my best trips home. I got a lot of studying done on the bus too, which I wouldn't have been able to in a car with a friend so that was a blessing in disguise I suppose. Though I didn't get all the homework I wanted to get done completed, I got through as much stuff in general (including haircut and other miscellaneous things) as possible and I'm satisfied with it.

The heart of the weekend was Saturday night. It was my uncle's 50th birthday so they were throwing a big party for him. It wasn't that big; just one more family under the roof than usual. Also: better food and DANCING! Any of my close friends are probably laughing at that because they haven't really seen me dance. I've discovered that the formula for me to dance well is rum and coke, and a girl. I was dancing with multiple girls, all of which being related to me, and my cousins are great dancers so that's not bad at all. Am I the only person who enjoys dancing with cousins more because there's less pressure? Probably just because I'm a loser, huh? Nevertheless, it's cool how my inhibitions were gone. I was doing moves I didn't know I knew and judging by everyone's reactions I pulled them off pretty well. I was so happy to be there and around everyone, and though I knew I had this big math test it was like it didn't bother me because it didn't matter that night. I'm a real worrywart so when that happens it's big to me because it wasn't just the booze.

Are you ever in a moment that you know will be something to remember? I suppose it was a whole night to remember, but I guess it just hit the spot like a good beer hits the spot after a rather dry, busy week. It's cool when you know it because those moments are so rare in today's busy world. Sure you have fun with your friends sometimes or maybe you get your work done early and you get the sleep you craved for so long. However, they don't quite compare to the times when you're so happy to be somewhere that you don't even worry about when it's going to end because it really doesn't matter. To top off the weekend, my parents were pretty cool to me and we had no arguments at all. I was actually a little choked up to leave because I didn't want to leave the weekend itself. I think I just came to a realization that you come to once in a while that should be obvious but it's not. The special times in your life are special because they're so unique, and as much as you love them you have to move on because that's what makes them so great. You have to put yourself together and look forward to the next one because if you keep living in it you kill it. I think once I dealt with that and realized that the week will be cool after my test in the morning I was all good again. Sitting next to a stranger and studying math for 3 hours didn't seem too bad.

I hope the post wasn't too personal or weird for any of you. You could've stopped reading at any time though in all fairness. I'll get back to the norm tomorrow, but it's not everyday that I have something positive that I really want to get out to say. Hope you all had great weekends as well! Hopefully I can post pictures from Saturday soon.

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