Monday, June 11, 2007

The WWDC Keynote

There's really not a whole lot to talk about today besides the WWDC keynote from Apple, so I guess I'll just go right into that. Of course, if you're really hardcore then you can get the full video feed over here. I wouldn't bother watching it unless you're really excited about Leopard. The coolest additions to OS X were probably Stacks, the new menu bar thing that makes it easy to access your favorite programs quickly, and the quick look thing to preview files before you open them. His iChat demo looked pretty neat, too, where you can actually drag other movies onto your video chat and have a blue screen effect going on. Totally useless, mind you, but nifty. They rehashed old features of Leopard, too, like Spaces and Time Machine. Not a good sign for an exciting keynote, but the WWDC one rarely is. Leopard will sell for $129, and they rightfully took a jab at the many versions of Vista there are. I agree that that's a totally stupid idea. Anyhow, the next thing he menioned was that Safari would now be on Windows, which is totally meaningless to Windows users since we already use Firefox or the stupider ones use Internet Explorer. The thing he mentioned last was kind of interesting. He puts out this banner of a solution for developers to develop for the iPhone, but what he meant was web applications. If you create a cool site, that can run in Safari on the iPhone, but you can't use the touchscreen functionality to do anything cool, or anything else useful on the iPhone. Great. That's not much better than their no third party development stance from last keynote. All in all, a drab WWDC keynote, but at least he hit hard on the strengths of Leopard and I'm sure that Mac heads were happy about that.

By the way, Apple also revamped their site a bit. Same basic design theme, just rearranged a bit.

If you use Google Analytics, like me, then you probably enjoyed your recent, free upgrade to their fancy shmancy stuff. However, there is a lot to take in there, and this blog post offers a bit more guidance on how to use everything by adding stuff to your codebase here and there. I found it pretty educational and this is the kind of stuff that you usually have to employ some premium service to get.

Vitamin is running a wonderful article on the most prominent layout styles ever. I know I'm a sucker for the minimalist and the futurism. I know, they're kind of opposing concepts, but eye candy nonetheless. That whole article is actually eye candy in case you haven't seen anything pretty today (I know it's hard on college guys who can't scope out the number of foxy ladies they can during the long session in the summer; of course, I'm only missing one foxy lady).

In a very strange move, Weinstein Co. has decided to release Death Proof on DVD this September without its Planet Terror counterpart. Do they just like Tarantino better or something? My guess is that they're splitting up Grindhouse so that they can sell one in September, one a month later, and then a boxed set in time for Christmas. Supposedly, the 4-disc set Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair will also come out that month, but I just read that on a fan site and couldn't find any real evidence behind it other than my fingers being crossed.

In the world of animation, it looks like Toy Story 3 is on track for a 2010 release. They've only recently started on the script, but it's being penned by the writer of Little Miss Sunshine so I expect something worthwhile rather than a money grubbing sequel. Oh, and Quint at AICN has seen Ratatouille and really liked it. He praises the pacing and the animation, and I was always interested in it so now I'm actually looking forward to it.

Another movie getting underway is Indiana Jones 4 which is in the middle of an open casting call for extras willing to have their hair cut in true 50s style. That'd be a scary requirement for me, I think, but it'd be worth it to be in an Indiana Jones flick!

Lastly, Moviefone has a couple of decent clips from <Die Hard 4 (that's right, I said the proper title!).

Since we were a bit low on the tech news today, here's those pictures that I promised from yesterday from the recently opened Olympic Sculpture Park in Belltown:

Now for some Monday Madness:

1. Do you listen to the radio, or a CD, when you're driving in your car/truck/SUV?
I listen to the radio, but I switch to whatever is in the CD player if there's nothing good on, and then rinse and repeat when that track is over.
2. Do you have one of those GPS systems in your vehicle?
Nope. Too expensive! I'm a cheap Indian dude here!
3. About how many miles do you put on your vehicle in a month?
Not really sure about that. I'd guess about 400 miles if I make a trip to Houston each month (obviously not counting this summer).
4. Do you have your oil changed regularly?
Yeah, my dad is cool enough to handle that for me.
5. Do you take your vehicle to a car wash or do you wash it at home?
Wash it at home. I hate those automatic things because they leave spots and they're not thorough enough.
6. How often do you have the inside of your vehicle cleaned? Do you do it yourself or do you pay someone to do it?
I do it myself, once or twice a semester.
7. What is the color of your vehicle?
I'd say maroon, but it's generally referred to as red.

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