Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bush vs. The Bloggers

Sorry, I started this post last night and finished most of it, but a personal issue came up and then I was busy until tonight.

Once again, it's a slow news day. I'll admit, my topic exaggerates a bit, but the crux of what I'm going to be talking about here are bloggers. There's a little thing called the Free Flow of Information Act that aims to act as a shield for journalists so that they don't have to reveal confidential sources unless it's a matter of national security. What's controversial is that its definition of journalism covers anyone who publishes stories appealing to the public interest. The Bush administration believes that it's inclusive enough that terrorists could hide information under it, which I don't quite understand since it specifically has an exception for national security. So what's the real bone they have to pick here? I think you're reaching for straws when you're dissenting argument is that someone could just put up a blog if they were being challenged and claim protection. I don't think any court would hold up the law retroactively like that, and it's not like someone's going to find out about a murder from the killer, report on it, and then not reveal to the police who it is. I don't see what the connection between journalistic sources and terrorism is either. The only point I do agree on though is that it should not cover slanderous journalism. Purposely falsified stories should not be protected. Other than that though, it sounds like a pretty solid act, to me.

It's no secret that the Facebook platform is out in the open now, but what is interesting is the frenzy it has created. Applications have gained several hundreds of thousands of users within a couple of days, and the suite of applications has passed 1,500. Also, all these web 2.0 startups are itching to jump on board before it reaches saturation. I wonder how long this little craze will last. Facebook has had sustained popularity for quite a while now, after all, but apparently still not surpassed MySpace.

If I was in Austin using my desktop computer, I'd be all over this program right now. It allows you to sync from your iTunes library directly to a non-iPod mp3 player, and it's appropriately called iTunes Sync. I don't have iTunes installed on this laptop though, nor can I, so I guess it'll have to wait, but feel free to try it out!

How will laptops look in the future? Ok, so no one really knows, but Sci Fi Tech put up a neat concept art of a laptop that would be OLED based (so it can be a screen and have a keyboard) and very versatile. It would be modular enough to function differently on the run, at home, or at the office, and you could additionally use a stylus pen with it.

Lastly, check out Ars Technica's latest computer-building guide. It's comprehensive, as always, for the budget, middle range, and filthy rich kid computer purchasers. That budget computer actually looks pretty sweet though at under $800.

There's a new poster out for The Bourne Ultimatum, but I feel like it's actually rather drab. The movie is more important the the poster though, so it had better at least be a fun action flick. If it was a B- movie, I'd be happy.

All I have now are trailers, which are always fun to watch. Apple has the high-definition teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar original movie (so nice to hear about an original movie) called Wall-E. If we're to believe the teaser, it was conceived long ago and has finally come to conception. Given the caliber of ideas Pixar has put out there, I'm sure that this will be something to keep your eye on.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the trailer for August Rush. It didn't look that great, but it sounds like an interesting story about how music brought an orphaned boy back to his also musically-inclined parents (Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers). I guess I'm just a sucker for music, but I like the idea of music being deep enough to bring families back together.

Yahoo has the stunning trailer for the Western flick 3:10 to Yuma featuring Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Gretchen Mol. The trailer was a bit too complicated to follow, but it looks like Crowe is an outlaw in a rather lawless town brought to justice by Bale among others, and crazy drama and shoot-outs seem to ensue. I'd love to see it just to see those two actors facing off against each other.

Lastly, but not least, there's the trailer for the romantic comedy Rocket Science. It's a love story for the nerd in all of us, and it looks really cute and funny, I must say. It's particularly relevant for me given that I've been cluttering since before the age of 15, and it was definitely socially alienating for me (still is, but when you have the girl and friends and family that I have in my life, it makes it much more bearable).

Now, for an even more relevant Saturday-8:

1. do you have an exercise routine currently?
Yep. 6 days a week!

2. what's the most amount of money per month that you would pay for a gym?
That's hard to say, but probably $60 since I'm paying like $55 right now. It's astronomical, but that's because it's Seattle and it's only a 3 month thing. I'll probably get a membership at a big chain like 24 hour fitness next year when I graduate. Too used to the free gym at UT right now.

3. have you ever been unable to exercise, for instance, due to an injury, lack of funds or time, etc.?
Yeah, last week! I was way too sick to work out. I only ever skip working out if I'm out of town or if I'm really ill. I haven't been injured in a very long time. I definitely will lose sleep to work out.

4. have you ever had a friend or family member that exercised TOO much, to the point that they were anorexic (or very, very close)?
Not that I can think of.

5. have you ever exercised too much, to the point where it was unhealthy?
Well, when I first lost all my weight back in 2002, I probably was underweight, but that was totally on accident. My metabolism was really high, and so I stopped jogging but I kept losing weight anyway, and that was unhealthy. I evened out after a few months though.

6. have you ever had a negative experience at a gym (with other patrons, equipment, trainer) or with the gym themselves (billing, closings, etc.)?
Yeah, it's called the bench press =P I've probably almost killed myself with that thing several times. Fortunately, I have enough adrenaline to finish the rep or someone nearby comes to my aid. I think it's cool how guys at the gym watch out for each other instinctively.

7. one form of exercise that seems bizarre to me is spinning as i cannot understand sitting on a stationary bike for an hour with some little skinny bitch screaming at you from HER stationary bike. what form of exercise do you not 'get' or would never try because it seems too weird to you?
The sex machine. You know what I'm talking about! My brother and I decided to start calling it the sex machine. It's always a girl on it, voluntarily opening and closing her legs while seated. I also don't get lat pulldown behind your head or the guys who bend and straighten their knees while doing side raises. Oh, by the way, it's not a bench press rep if you don't touch your chest with the bar.

8. if you had two free, dedicated hours each day to do something athletic that would NOT take away from work, friends, or family time, and the unlimited funds to do it, what type of exercise would you do daily? lipo, by the way, does not count... ;)
I'd spend one hour lifting weights, and I'd spend the other hour rotating between biking, kayaking, racquetball, football, swimming, and boxing probably.

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