Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bit Torrent Brings in Ads

I logged in today to Blogger only to discover that yesterday's post was my first, and last, evil one:

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Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually (click on it if you can't read it)! There was so little news today that I actually did another sweep to see if I could procure more, but to no avail. That's probably a good thing, I need to get some more sleep tonight. Anyway, I figure I'd talk a bit about BitTorrent's pilot program to attach ads to programming for G4. I tried downloading one of these programs and it turns out that the videos that are currently ad-supported from G4 are quite short and I wouldn't pay for anyway, so I don't see how this is indicative of what they'll do for more worthwhile programs. Oh, I downloaded an Attack of the Show about digital cameras and it was really dumb. Come on G4, you used to be respectable. Anyway, I think that since they can't force you to watch the ad(s) it will be hard to sell to their content providers. However, I personally watched the game ad for this video because I like watching video game footage, so I think it may be more effective on tech geeks for tech-related programming than that would suggest.

In an extremely interesting move, Facebook has released the instrumental code they use to build a lot of stuff on their site. Apparently, it incorporates Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP, among other things. For the first time in God knows how long, I have to pat Facebook on the back here. I think every time a developer gives away his code a nerd angel gets its wings. Anyway, this is actually pretty much a compiler of sorts in that it takes a definition file and uses it to generate code for you. I'd play around with it more if I didn't already have two programming projects to worry about (one being a super calculator parser and the other being Conway's Game of Life using mad polymorphism).

How cool are those pillows? They're one of several pillows on the market that will play your digital music for you when you feel like literally lazing around and listening to music. Oh how I miss the days when I'd literally just lay on my bed and listen to music. I know of a certain someone, who I hope is reading this, who could probably benefit from one of these.

Speaking of music, you can read more from Steve Jobs's press conference with EMI over here. They talk a little more about DRM and iTunes and such, but it is quite a bit lengthier than what was summarized in the article cited yesterday.

One-liner: if you're like me and hate channel surfing, you should check out one of these television listing sites. I used to use tvguide.com, but maybe I'll switch to AOL Television now. It actually feels much better.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your computer could organize your photos for you? There's research actually being done in just this area that analyzes pictures and tags them based on a very smart algorithm, which also learns more as it gets more experienced. Very cool idea here, but I warn you that the article I cited is very lengthy.

IGN dug up one of the trailers to be featured within Grind House called Thanksgiving from Eli Roth. I thought the explicit warning was just fluff for the first half of the trailer, and then things got nuts. The trailer is awesomely campy, but also very VERY explicit and it actually made me cringe more than once, so be forewarned. They also have an interview with Michael Parks, who I loved in Kill Bill despite how small his part was, and it sounds like he almost reprises it in Grind House.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Movies has the trailer for Live Free or Die Hard in HD. I liked the trailer, but I really think that they're trying to push this patriotism too hard in the domestic trailers whereas I believe the movie will just be straight up action. I could be wrong, maybe there is some huge underlying theme that relates to the U.S. title, but that'd make it corny. It's amazing how Bruce Willis doesn't look like he's past 50, but he is.

Lastly, some quad posters for Spider-man 3 have sprung online for those who are interested.

Now for a Tuesday Twosome:

1. What two things are necessary for you to respect someone?
That they are respectful to me and that they are loyal to friends/family.

2. What two things do you think people respect you for?
I'd hope for my dedication to practically everything I vest myself in, and my willingness to help when I can. Maybe that's a little optimistic though? It's kind of hard question to answer without sounding like a jerk =P

3. Who are two people you respect the most and why?
Currently living? Probably my father and my brother. My father because he always put his family first in his life and has made a lot of sacrifices for us. My brother because I almost feel like he's paved the path for me for how to get what you want in this country since our parents' have struggled with that without an American education and he had more issues than I did dealing with living under Indian societal rules within an American society, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I guess I'm just impressed that he turned out the way he did because I know he faced very different challenges from what I've faced.

4. What two things can cause you to lose respect for someone?
I suppose turning your back on friends/family or purposefully treating a woman badly.

5. Is respect important to you? Why or why not?
Yeah, because I kind of think it's what makes the world go round besides love and trust. I think the business world often operates a lot on mutual respect, but that's just my simple-minded view of things.

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