Monday, March 12, 2007

College Students, Prepare to be Violated

So my friend Josh is a jerkface and I didn't see 300 last night, but I'll see it with my friend Robert on Wednesday instead. I got some good news last night that I think will end to my break ending well though, so the universe is back in balance. Anyway, it's no secret that the RIAA and MPAA have been pretty pissed with college campuses for being sloppy about copyright infringement. It's hard to blame them given that they're kind of, you know, more concerned with educating students. So this company Red Lambda decides to make a piece of software called cGrid that does what telcos have been struggling with for many many months: monitoring Internet activity to determine who's using P2P clients. While I appreciate the skill it must've taken to develop this, every single one of those programmers should feel like total freaking sellouts. You're helping rich, selfish bastards extort defenseless, poor college students. I know stealing is wrong and all that jazz, but there's a fucking limit to this nonsense! Why not just install cameras in people's dorm rooms to see what they're doing on their computer? Hell, why stop there, let's require keyloggers! Alright, I guess I'm getting really uppity on privacy, but I think rightfully so. While I understand that this is probably legal, I just think it's unfair. Why not push services like Ruckus (which I still adore, by the way) rather than persecute some of your most avid fans?

So I know that the whole tablet PC thing never took off, but I still think that a dual touch screen would be pretty sweet (though I'd worry about screen smudging because of the keyboard). That's just one of a few concept laptops you can see here. I highly recommend watching the Lenovo tapes, because they're ridiculously fun to watch.

As anyone with SBC Global knows, AT&T and Yahoo have had a partnership going on for quite a long time now. There's strong speculation that AT&T is trying to acquire Yahoo, which has seen another dip in its stock price because of the rumors. It's kind of sad to see Yahoo struggle so much, but what innovation have they really promulgated in recent years?

In rather big news: GoDaddy was slammed with a major Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) yesterday, which basically means that someone flooded their servers to kill service to many sites. I really want to know why someone would do this, because a lot of times an attack like this would be targeted at a certain site whereas these hackers made kind of a blanket statement.

Here's a one liner: check out some pretty art over here.

AICN has another review for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it sounds like he really liked it except for the little things (some of the characters a little off balance and a few plot holes). The CG sounds amazing, which you can see more of over here.

They also dug up some reviews of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which are much more positive than the other early review they had received. It sounds even darker than before, which I love, and I think the plot sounds like it could work really well (Harry leading a bunch of wizards to fight Voldemort). Whenever I think of this movie I see the eerie poster in my head that says "You will lose everything," and it gets me pumped about the movie.

What do you know, we have yet another good review today! This one is for that fun movie Meet the Robinsons you've probably seen commercials for (I think the dinosaur is pretty awesome). Supposedly, it's not on par with other Pixar favorites, but still worthwhile.

Lastly, the release date for Speed Racer has been moved up to May 9, 2008, so I wonder if they'll put out a teaser trailer by June? I'm really curious to see what kind of style the Wachowski Brothers will run with here. I used to love the TV show (I mostly watched it while I was in India for a summer when I was 12).

Now for some Monday Madness:

1. Do you believe in reincarnation?
I'm really not sure. While it's hard to believe that we die and that's it, it's also hard to believe that we can come back after death. I'd almost like to see the afterlife as it's painted in What Dreams May Come (hey, I thought it was a good movie, though I really don't want to see it again).
2. Do you own any anime figures?
Um, no =P I only have one anime movie: Rurouni Kenshin.
3. Are you one of the fanfic writers over at
Nope, I only write here :)
4. Do you review stories which are posted in
Again, nope.
5. Are you looking forward to seeing the third Spider-Man film?
I am, but I think I'll be disappointed. I really loved the second one, but the trailers for this one are just worrying me because I'm such a huge Spider-man fan that I really want them to stay true to the original intentions of the series. I don't mind the little things (like the webbing coming from his body, not from a mechanical arm thing), but why does it make sense for Sandman to have killed his father?
6. Are you looking forward to seeing the Fantastic Four sequel?
I didn't think I would be, but the whole Silver Surfer thing makes me want to see what they do with it.
7. Do you like "Deal or No Deal"?
Nope. It's so stupid! Why don't you just roll a dice for an hour? The whole game takes no skill whatsoever and is composed of stupid melodrama as well as the annoying antics of Howie Mandel (I never even liked him when I was a kid and watched Bobby's World).
8. Are you a television watcher?
Yeah, but only on my free time. I just watch shows when I'm eating meals, I don't set aside time just for television.
9. Do you write letters to people?
Only e-mails, which I write much more informally than one would a letter.


Nyctophobia said...

hi there,

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JennYfer said...

WTF Elton!

"I got some good news last night that I think will end to my break ending well though, so the universe is back in balance."

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