Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Neat School Resources

I'm pretty beat down exhausted right now from being on campus over 12 hours and spent a lot of my usual blog time chatting, so I'm going to have to race through this post to get some real work done tonight, which is easy because there's not really a whole lot to talk about today. Some friends of mine here at UT actually started out a site called Notemesh that they managed to get dugg dedicated to the community sharing of notes for classes. It works like a wiki, though it's brand new now so it needs a lot of users yet to be successful. It has the potential to be awesome though since then if you fall asleep for a part of class or don't understand something, maybe someone else did and can add to your notes for a lecture, or vice versa. Plus, if everyone contributed, it'd be easier to miss class when you need to. Another site called myNoteIT actually ups the ante a little with several features for college students including a calendar, notes, and more. It's not as collaboratively oriented as NoteMesh, but it's still a valuable site. The only problem with these sites, in my opinion, is that you're putting a lot of faith in these people's servers. There should be a way to export the notes to your computer in case you're going into an area without WiFi and need them or to protect yourself from the server going down. On the other hand, it's harder to lose your notes when they're online and you don't have to be at home to access them. So if you're a college student, you should at least give these services a quick try. I don't believe that either site will spam you anyway.

Yahoo has acquired the online video editing site JumpCut in yet another totally random addition to their family of services. I don't know what the value is in this site to their general strategy, but they probably have something up their sleeve that we're not seeing. Click to got its hands on the Optimus Mini Three keyboard (the one that has programmable, light-up keys), and they seemed to like it except that $160 is a bit pricey for just 3 buttons. Still, it looks nice, and the entire keyboard is much more expensive. Lastly, David Pogue put forth that he doesn't think the iPhone actually exists or will exist because of how strict the service providers are about accepting new phones with their ability to veto any features. I actually didn't know about that veto power and it's probably why so many phones today are so flawed. Could the rumors from Asia about manufacturers getting orders from Apple be false? I guess it could all be a big ruse, or a project that maybe never got off the ground. In any case, I agree with Pogue, maybe an iPhone isn't all that likely, unless Apple contracts out the service from someone else, which isn't a likely leap for Apple to make.

Ready for some speedy movie news? IGN found new pictures for Marie Antoinette while JoBlo picked some up for Harry Potter 5 and for Casino Royale. Only the Marie Antoinette ones are all that great though, in my opinion. An English version of the trailer for Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers is finally up and just as good as the original in Japanese.

Now for a Wednesday Mind Hump:

Get out of your computer chair, get on the floor (if your family is looking at you like you're crazy, you can go do this in another room if you like) and see how many push-ups you can do in one minute. When you're finished, tell us on your blog how many pushups you did.
I'd do this if I had more time, but I know that I can do at least 35 or 40.

Off to homeworkland!

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