Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More on Jobs

There's really not much to talk about in the articles I'm covering today, but since I found a couple of things related to jobs and I'd like to finish this post quickly I'll just start out with those things. If you're not satisfied with your resume, or having gotten much advice on it, you should definitely check out this great article explaining some of the worst mistakes people make with their resume. Though I think you should take the Times New Roman advice with a grain of salt, flash resumes are really bad ideas as are abnormal orientations and the like. I was actually glad that recruiters yesterday commented on how professional my resume looked just at first glance (thank you, emurse!). Another news site had a little article about tech jobs growing, primarily in software services and engineering. While these industries are lagging slightly behind the national average in employment growth, I definitely think that other factors are restricting it and it shouldn't deter people from exploring tech fields. Still, I discourage anyone from choosing CS or engineering solely for monetary comfort (not that the salaries are extravagant, but they're nice for fresh graduates) but rather for an interest in science or engineering (or you could be suicidal and do both).

I have another followup from yesterday: Apple only took action on one site in their so-called litigious attack on podcasters using the word "podcast," and that case was just because they used the word "mypodder" since it could be confused with the word iPod. So please, don't take to your pitchforks and torches. Click to enlargeEngadget got its hands on Sony's eReader and they seemed to like it, though they didn't give many details about it and the pricing doesn't really grab my interest yet. I see this as a product that could get big in the very near future given the right marketing and pricing (especially in the educational arena). I've mentioned Python a lot in the past because I've heard so many good things and some of what I've read about it has been really cool. This blogger actually speaks a little more about what's so great about it and cites some good resources too in case you're interested. Lastly, if you want to read a humorous, though explicit, story about Wikipedia, check this out.

There's only one notable item in movie news: Emma Watson may not reprise the role of Hermoine in future Harry Potter movies claiming that each production is very time-consuming and is not even sure if she'll continue to pursue acting. I think she's too firmly entrenched in the character for a good recasting to take place, and this is likely just to boost her salary since they make so much money off these movies.

I'll go for some TMI Tuesday action this week:

1. What's the longest you've ever gone without a shower?
Probably three days, but I was camping so it's not like I just hated showers for a while.

2. Do you use a q-tip? If so, how often?
At least once a day after showers, but if my ears itch it feels good to stick a q-tip in there.

3. Do you have any piercings, if so where? Any for sexual purposes?
Nope, and don't plan on getting any!

4. Oral sex... give or receive?
I don't see anything wrong with either ;)

5. Sex while on the period... ick?
I don't think it's icky unless they're actually bleeding during sex, which would be really twisted. In any case, I think it's up to the lady whether or not she's comfortable with it.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell me your fantasy: details!
Jessica Alba all over me on an empty beach at sunset. Ok screw the beach, just her penthouse is good enough =P

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