Sunday, August 06, 2006

WWDC is Tomorrow

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That picture has nothing to do with anything except that I took it yesterday at our pool party this week and I just loved the way it came out. I'll let you guess with pair of legs is mine. Tomorrow is Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference (affectionately dubbed the WWDC), and DVD Newsroom actually spoke to a confirmed Apple employee about what she's heard through the grapevine. From reading it, it sounds very reliable and extremely plausible across the board. The biggest thing they were capitalizing on is that Apple has vested itself in Blu-ray, though I'm not sure why. In any case, it'll be several months before a Mac with a BD-ROM. He also revealed that there's no chance of an iPhone, and the real purpose of the movie store is an Apple media center, not a movie-enabled iPod! He didn't seem to know much about a new iPod or MacBook Pro (which makes sense since that's really confidential stuff), but anything could happen tomorrow. I'm sure that the satellite radio companies would be glad to not see a new iPod since Apple's alliances with car companies is really putting a damper on XM/Sirius sales. I still have faith in the satellite radio companies as I've never heard anyone who uses it complain about its quality. If you don't have an important lunch to go to tomorrow like I do, you'll probably want to try and catch a live feed of tomorrow's WWDC proceedings and be the first to know some potentially exciting stuff. You can, of course, expect a full report right here tomorrow night.

The Senate has ratified a treaty that can be quite misleading. It's a cybercrime treaty where we will co-operate with other nations in trading information to help capture cybercriminals, but what they don't tell you is that some of these nations censor their people's freedom of speech online! I wonder if they realize what they're doing? I predict that we may see a contravened come out of this sooner than later. Following up on Friday's Kevin Rose cover story from Business Week, I just thought it was funny that he's wearing $20 headphones from Best Buy because I use $15 Best Buy behind-the-ear headphones myself because they work so great at the gym and they're easy to carry to the office. Technophilia has a pretty neat table comparing the three biggest free e-mail services, and it actually taught me that Hotmail and Yahoo Mail have more than I thought, but I'm too fond of Gmail to switch. Lastly, have you ever wondered where some of these tech companies got their names from? One blog actually compiled the stories behind some of these big names, and they're really fun to read. I can't believe I never realized that Intel stands for Integrated Electronics.

I'm not really all that surprised that Talladega Nights was number 1 this weekend, but to make nearly $50 million in its opening weekend is quite impressive and means that it'll probably end up with about $100 million before it comes out on DVD. What was also amazing is that Pirates of the Caribbean is at #3, which is higher than Miami Vice or The Night Listener (which also opened this weekend, but I didn't see enough publicity for it). The only other thing I have for you today are pictures from Saw III, which aren't as disturbing as I expected, but they're still pretty weird.

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Affair :: Cheating

  2. Package :: Penis (hey, I'm just being honest)

  3. Warner :: Brothers

  4. Drop :: Box

  5. Balance :: Sheet

  6. Shore :: Line

  7. Confirmation :: Number

  8. Nose :: Dive

  9. Talking :: Heads

  10. Bend :: River

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