Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fun Things I Got

I know I'm behind. Sorry guys! Click to enlargeHowever, I do have a couple of great things in my personal life I feel compelled to report, and so I think this post will make up for it. First off, my new external hard drive (Western Digital 250 GB Dual Option) is awesome and my computer is now back to working pretty well again thanks to a format. After years of hand-me-downs, I finally got my first new phone! It's an LG LX 350 and I love it. I'm currently working on getting a Bluetooth headest, but I just love the speakerphone and how it has voice recognition built-in for my address book. If anyone knows of a good USB cable I should get for it let me know, because I don't want to pay extra to backup my address book and download pictures. I thought it was a pretty good bargain at $50 for all the features you get with it and the battery life it seems to have (though I obviously haven't stress tested this). My only gripe is that it didn't come with the USB cbale. I also have a new (preowned) car of my own! It's a 2001 Hyundai XG 300! Apparently, this is their flagship car, and since my parents have become so enamored with Hyundai I figured that I'd be getting one myself. Here are the money shots you really want to see:
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It drives real smooth, it actually looks really classy in person, the hubcaps almost look like low-end rims (better than nothing!), the climate control is great, and it's very roomy. I think I'm going to enjoy this car, but now I'm always going to have my old car in the back of my head and so I'm hoping that I'll be extra careful with this one since I keep picturing how super bad it would be if I wrecked this car as well. It may not be a turbo, but it's still way too good for this poor college student! The only problem is that it almost looks maroon, but I'll be sure to put a longhorn on the back of it as soon as I get back in Austin so as not to confuse everyone (and I'm afraid that people may key it!). Oh, and to top these off, I got a haircut after a couple of months. My head feels so much lighter now! Alright onto the real news now.

It wasn't too long ago that I posted about the conditions in Apple's factories abroad, and they've been trying to run disaster control with an audit of how things really are. I have to admit that it sounds more honest than I would've predicted, and I can only hope that they really actively try to fight such human rights violations. Some good press from Apple though is coming from Lionsgate, which has confirmed that it has penned an agreement with Apple and will have some of their movies on iTunes, among other video stores, by the end of the year. No word from Apple, but I'm sure that Apple is hauling ass to try to get this out by the holiday season. We now have visual proof that Amazon is going to be challenging Apple with a video store of its own with a $2 price point for shows and apparently a $10 price for movies (though that wasn't pictured). Not sure what all the features will be, but it looks like they're targeting the living room as well, so I wonder if that means you'll be able to burn the shows and movies on DVDs? If this post wasn't already so full of pictures, I'd post one of Sony's transparent television, which looks totally sweet but I bet that it'll cost a lot. It has that post-modern look to it. One blogger put up his thoughts on why the "stickiness" of Google's many products doesn't matter because it requires so little investment with so little risk when compared to how much money they already make through advertising already and since they already have such a well-built computer infrastructure. Another blogger discovered the first Steve Jobs keynote ever on YouTube when he unveiled the first Macintosh. It's really almost awe-inspiring to see the roots of personal computing as we know it today and without all the flash and glamour. Lastly, if you're trying to lose weight (aren't most of us?), I think you can take a lot away from Traineo, a free web 2.0 site to track your progress and help motivate you. Trust me, motivation is the key to losing weight. The rest will just fall in place.

In the box office this week, Snakes on a Plane did get the top spot, but with a measly $15.3 million! Since the movie only had a budget of $33 million though, that's probably not so bad since I'm sure it can make that up, but they definitely shelled out a good amount on publicity. I feel kind of bad for it, but maybe it'll do better on video? Talladega Nights is still doing well in second (now at over $110 million), and Material Girls thankfully tanked with under $5 million. AICN got its hands on the one-sheet for The Prestige, and I think it looks pretty cool. Admittedly though, it is rather simple. It looks like 007er Daniel Craig has signed on to be in all the movies based on the Philip Pullman fantasy series His Dark Materials, though I'm not sure if that's good news or not. I guess we'll see soon enough. It sounds like Zach Snyder's adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 may be a slam dunk as someone with no prior knowledge of Miller's works raved to AICN about a screening of it. Now I'm really really excited to see this movie. Lastly, Prison Break fans may be intrigued to know that Dominic Purcell may be the Hulk in the next Hulk movie to take Eric Bana's place since he will not be in any more Hulk movies (or so he says).

Now for some Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Cruel :: Intentions

  2. Jive :: Hand

  3. Weak :: Evil

  4. Understand :: Knowledge

  5. Bum :: Street

  6. Stairs :: Case

  7. Tone :: Deaf

  8. Quickly :: Moving

  9. Moment :: in Time

  10. Beating :: Drums

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