Thursday, August 31, 2006

What if Apple Married Sun?

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Today's day of classes were alright, but I unfortunately kept nodding off in both classes so I'll be sure to get my full 8 hours tonight. I also went to check out the Blanton museum today, and above is the roof in the main entrance room. I just can't get over how cool it looks. Anyway, yesterday the big news was that Eric Schmidt is now on Apple's board of directors, and John Dvorak believes that this may be to help facilitate negotiations to ally Sun with Apple since Apple can't seem to get a foothold on the server market. It makes sense that Apple would want to take on Sun and even that Sun would want to merge since their company isn't doing all that well except for the server market, but why enlist Schmidt as the mediator? He doesn't seem particularly apt for this just because he runs another billion dollar tech company. Can you imagine Sun servers running OS X though? Or even just Darwin (Apple's flavor of Unix) rather than the crapshoot known as Solaris (you know it's true)? I think it would be a great thing, but I don't think that Schmidt will be the stimulus. Instead, I think it'll just happen on its own since both companies no doubt realize how beneficial this would be to them. I'll keep you posted as these things develop though.

A number of schools have tried out issuing laptops to students in middle schools, and they're now feeling the wrath of parents upset about their kids wasting time on the computer rather than using it for real work. First of all, why would a middle schooler need his own computer anyway? It's not like they have to carry around heavy books or anything. This kind of program should be targeted at high schoolers who are going to screw around on computers anyway, just restrict their WiFi during class. Is that so hard? That money would be put to better use in buying new Lego Mindstorms NXT sets, which are even cooler than the ones I used to play with. I don't think that building robots out of legos is too nerdy for the average kid to get into since Lego builds such great software and documentation for it. Creative has announced their new Zen Vision W player with digital video and photo capabilities in addition to the standard mp3 fare. They seem to just be releasing a widescreen version of the Vision M except for the fact that the player comes with a nifty Compact Flash slot, though the $649 price tag seems a bit much for just 30 GB. Lastly, if you're tired of your browser leaving behind your footprints, check out Browzar. I don't know of anyone that zealous about their privacy though unless they're a teenager trying to hide porn from their parents.

Michael from Lost (Harold Perrineau) will be in 28 Weeks Later, which should be interesting because I think he's a fantastic actor and would love to see what he can do outside of his role on Lost. Another photo of Optimus Prime in Transformers has been leaked, and it really isn't all that impressive, though he does brandish a rather large weapon. All I have left today is multimedia. IGN nabbed a clip from I Trust You To Kill Me, and it's just so weird to see Kiefer managing a band rather than fighting terrorists. Lastly, the trailer from Dreamgirls is online, and it's decent but rather short. Will this movie really be Oscar material? I'm just really not seeing it so far.

Now for the 3x Thursday:

1. What's your favorite thing to do? Why?
Kick back a few drinks with family and friends because it helps take my edge off and unwind after long weeks (most of mine are pretty rough).

2. What do you do when you're bored?
I read a book for class or read webcomics. If I'm really bored I'll play cell phone games.

3. What do you do when you're lonely?
Look at old pictures and listen to Staind. That's why I try to not be lonely ;)

Bonus Question: What's your favorite genre of book to read? Why?
Probably horror nowadays because it's just so much more fun to see how an author can make a seemingly ridiculous idea out to be real.

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