Friday, April 28, 2006

Everyone Talking About Wii

I went driving today, which I don't do too often except to campus, to get some new swim trunks from Old Navy for a couple of parties I'm looking forward to next weekend. I like them so much that I'd thought I'd share. Here they are:
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The bottom one was the view from a stoplight on 360 South on my way to Randalls afterwards. I'll try to get a better shot from 360, but it really is a gorgeous little "loop." Just following through on my promise to post more pictures with this new camera. Moving along, everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed expert on the quality of the name of the next generation console from Nintendo: the Wii. The only source you should really trust for what the system is all about is this comprehensive article from 1up. They seem to do a good job of separating fact from subjective speculation. There are plenty of reasons to flame Nintendo for this name, but GameLife has come up with some good reasons on why you should embrace it. They may not claim to believe in what they're saying, but I do. I think that Wii really can become a nifty little name, despite how much we'll all miss "Revolution." I think the good outweighs the bad byfar. IGN actually has another interview with a Nintendo VP if you want more on the background of the name. Now for the juicy gossip: when will it launch and how much will it hurt our wallet? The Mole blog seems to have strong insider rumors that it could be as early as July! After all, they never tied themselves vocally to a November release. And how does a $200 price tag sound? It's enough to make me want to pre-order one right now, to tell you the truth, since I enjoyed my SNES for so long (the last Nintendo console I bought). Theoretically, he also claims that an E3 launch isn't out of the question, and it would set the gaming world ablaze, after all. That's probably a little too optimistic, but a July launch would be just right. Then, Zelda could boost them against the PS3, and Sony faces a much harder battle since they've already lost a lot of PR with their delays and silence, whereas Nintendo keeps racking up points as far as Internet geek buzz is concerned. Oh, the excitement!

Programming may get a lot easier for coders who have developed conditions from repetitive strain thanks to a new tool called VoiceCode that would turn your speech into Python code without having to give special instructions for each weird symbol involved. This is probably too clunky for general use, but could be useful for people who actually can't type. Apple has filed for some interesting patents including and touchscreen keyboard and an iChat whiteboard. Note that companies usually file for patents to protect their ideas (or at least sit on them even if they don't use them), and doesn't mean that we'll see that product ever. However, the former patent does sound like it would go well with a new iPod, doesn't it? Robert Cringley's theory to explain the dissolution of the Aperture team is that Apple is planning on buying Adobe because of how dependent they are on Adobe software to compete with Microsoft's best selling stuff. I think that's a rather hair-brained rumor to try and spark up though seeing as how Adobe is doing very well and probably wouldn't take too kindly to being taken over. We've lost a battle in the fight for net neutrality now that Congress has foolishly struck down an amendment that would've barred telcos from discriminating in web traffic. Let's hope the likes of Google and Yahoo ally together to gain back some ground. If you find yourself having to use Linux, then you'll find this site useful. It really does have all you need to get yourself started up on one of those machines, and who knows, you may even like it. Mark Cuban thinks that television can be saved by live commercials, but I don't think that's really what it needs. What TV needs are more of the commercials that we see at the Superbowl. Some people watch the big game just for those commercials, so why not make them year-round? Lastly, construction has finally begun on the Freedom Tower in NYC, and it's really about time. Don't hold your breath though until it's done, because it won't be for another 5 or 6 years.

Do you remember those rumors of Quentin Tarantino doing a Jimi Hendrix biopic? Well forget them, because they were fake (as I had correctly suspected). Now we can move on to better stuff, like a newer trailer for Marie Antoinette, and we actually have English dialogue this time! It starts out kind of teeny-bopper, but gets more serious, and ends up leaving you thinking that this really may be the real deal from Sofia Coppola. I know what you really want is a full trailer for Superman Returns, and it looks like you'll have one next weekend when you go and see MI:3! I may have to make time for it despite my studying obligations, but it's premiere was actually today in Rome. Yahoo Movies even has some promotional footage from it, mostly with actors praising Tom Cruise (big surprise given Yahoo Movies's other coverage of the film), and I suppose that Tom's manager is trying to boost his PR from pre-Katie Holmes levels. Back to Superman though, IGN actually has a little article with some words from Kate Bosworth on how she's portraying Lois Lane, and I think I like the more classic look they're going for in this one. They also have an interview with Brett Ratner, and I thought it was funny that Bryan Singer told him to not read AICN. I understand why he did that, but I think given that we've actually seen the script and people who have seen it have actually described its worst scenes to us, I really think he should've read it a little. Sony released a few more pictures from the Da Vinci Code, but nothing much better than what we already had. I'm having more fun playing the puzzle game contest on Google, and I feel like I'm keeping my brain warmed up by playing it. Mike Sampson from JoBlo tried out MovieLink's movie download service, and it sounds like Hell in a handbag to get through. Looks like they still have a long way to go before it's actually easy-to-use.

Now for Friday's Feast:

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you?

I'd say an 8. I don't randomly talk to people, but when people talk to me or ask me stuff I'm usually pretty responsive. And I always hold open doors for strangers and stuff.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Probably the Colbert Report I watched this morning, but it was from a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember what he was talking about that I liked so much though, sorry (been a long day).

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Probably Mickey Mouse on the funny side, and Batman on the more serious side. I guess I just like how one-dimensional Mickey Mouse is for comedy and cuteness while Batman has so many sides to him and a rich character (I mean in history and stuff, not money-wise, though he has that, too).

Main Course
Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had.

Hard to say, but my Latin teacher for LAT 506 was pretty funny. So was my Intro to Classical Mythology teacher. He actually had one slide titled, "Zeus the Rapist," which appeared before he actually explained it so of course everyone was cracking up.

Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that ______________________.

the RIAA is taking their Gestapo tactics too far (see my post from Wednesday).

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