Thursday, April 13, 2006

ACL Tickets on Sale

I just got an e-mail about an hour ago saying that ACL 3-Day passes are now on sale. If you're interested, stop reading now to go here (in a new tab, of course) and wait in the queue. If the time doesn't change (assuming you have to wait in line) then open it in new tabs (copy and paste the URL) and the time should go down until it lets you in. My time said 15 minutes and it let me in after about 5, so don't let the wait time fool you. The server is pretty slow, too, so dedicate all your bandwidth to it. Of course, I have mine:


There's no lineup yet, but if you wait til May 11 (when it's released) to get your tickets then you may end up paying the highest price. One-day passes are sold later i n the summer for $50 apiece, which isn't near the same value as the 3-day pass. You can read rumors and confirmations of a few artists over here. With over 100 bands, you'd be hardpressed to not see a band you would like, and the wristband does allow re-entry (so you can leave in the middle of the day if you want). As I said last year during ACL (look in my September 05 archives), I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great experience, so $90 is a steal for a 3-day pass right now.

I'll put up a regular post later on today, this was sort of impromptu.

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