Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Theory: Windows on Apple in Phases

I'm getting started a bit late on this post, and yet I need to finish quickly because I have some NSC stuff to do (I'm going to have to get very comfortable with PHP and forms very fast). A former Apple employee has put up his theory of Apple's approach to getting Windows on a Mac as being a multi-phase campaign. I'm not saying that his opinion is so special just because he used to work there, but I'm sure he was exposed greatly to how they operate, and I'm sure that his guess is at least as good as anyone else's (everyone loves guessing Apple's strategy for some reason). I like his ideas though: what if they took baby steps up the ladder rather than go really fast and risk crashing in the process? So right now, they just trying to test the waters, but next they could let you install Windows on Leopard right out of the box, and then they could move to virtualization, which would really be blazing fast. All this stuff does take significant time and effort, after all, and would probably take as long as these phases anyway. But wait, he thinks more will happen. Then they can actually develop ways to keep Windows on Macs more secure than on normal PCs (like monitoring the kernel more closely and such). How brilliant would that be? The problem is that I'm sure Windows could easily make things a lot harder for Mac users in whatever its Windows after Vista will be to keep it from getting this far. In that case, Apple could try out Darwine. Why do we keep talking about Boot Camp? You all must think I'm nuts, but it's really like the unthinkable has come true, and now this opens the door to more impossibilities. This is a marked change in the personal computing market, and five years from now you'll wonder why you ever ridiculed how much I covered it back in 2006.

Remember that 17" MacBook Pro that has been heavily rumored? It has finally arrived. The only real difference other than the increased size (as far as I can tell, at least) is that it comes with a 2.16 Ghz Core Duo and it costs $2800. It's clearly not marketed to your average Joe, but it's something that people like me would hump a mule for, and of course the tech elite already have preordered. Do you also remember those free iPods loaded with Creative Commons content the IPac gave to Senators to get them to use the technology they're responsible for regulating? Well some, including Conrad Stevens, have been sending them back despite taking thousands of dollars from other multimedia PACs and it being totally legal. If your Senator is doing this, you should be trying to get him out of Congress because you have no idea how bad things can get if only these rich companies get their requests heard (think RIAA and DRM, but worse than we've had to face before). Microsoft has been opening up its Windows Live program to give e-mail accounts to students at certain colleges to get them hooked early and likely to help beta test. I actually think this is a good idea since our school's e-mail sucks and I'm sure other universities have similar issues. Google has massively updated Google Maps with better satellite data, but mostly for Europe. Still, it's fun to look at satellite photos of foreign lands. GamerDad has an interesting perspective on how the Xbox 360 is too cheap, and I knew what he would basically assert when I read the title: the price really should be higher. Consoles usually launch prohibitively expensive, and then are usually more reasonably priced once the really stellar stuff comes out. This would alleviate shortages, and still allow them to come out ahead in pricing when the PS3 comes out while not having to take such a severe debt on each unit sold. There's still the Revolution coming out as well though, and Joystiq has a listing of the only 10 3rd party games exclusive to it using the new controller so far. I'm sure the list will grow once we see more of the controller in action. Lastly, it's sickening that NFL player Ricky Manning, Jr actually assaulted a guy in a Denny's because he was using a laptop and was teasing him for being a nerd (the assault came when the guy complained to the manager). Maybe he shouldn't have complained, but I sure as Hell wouldn't stand up to an NFL player, and I wouldn't want to leave because I was being harassed, and I think it's sad how that guy will face no real punishment for this. What a moron.

Click to enlargeThat right there is the script cover for Tarantino's half of Grind House, and I just love how classic-campy-horror it looks. Fresh rumors have resurfaced in Batman Begins sequel casting suggesting that Hugo Weaving may be in the running for The Joker, but I'm afraid that reading all the rumors will get me too excited so I'll leave that to you. AICN got a couple of Spider-man 3 set pictures that probably won't get you quite as excited, but something is better than nothing. I wonder if we'll be able to tell which scenes were filmed in Cleveland? IGN has a clip from a movie called Art School Confidential with an actor who looks suspiciously like Cillian Murphy but isn't. Anyway, I think the movie could be another Garden State, but I'm probably just talking out of my ass. Oh well, check it out anyway and form your own opinion. Lastly the nominations for the highly coveted MTV Movie Awards (end sarcasm) are up with so much focus on young adults and teens that it almost sickens me. The fact that Crash isn't a Best Movie candidate but The 40-Year Old Virgin is really doesn't look good for the show.

Now for some Monday Madness:

Name 5 Things that:

1. Make you smile:

Freddie (my brother's puppy), being done with this semester, the prospect of landing a dream job right out of college, my new site design for NSC (I'm so proud because I've never actually had to create a site before), and other people smiling at me.

2. You can see on your desk right now:
My monitor, Ikea desk lamp, headphones, a fun freebie from VMWare (it's a rubbery toy that's hard to describe), and my scientific calculator (I spent a long time on Physics tonight).

3. Kept you busy this weekend:
Easy: Diffy Q homework (that was crazy), my Physics homework (didn't even finish it til tonight), CS 337 project (string matching), the NSC site, and my normal routine weekend stuff (working out, church, blogging, guitar, etc.).

4. You'll be doing this coming week:
Finishing that CS 337 project, turning in my last Physics lab for the semester (thank God), working more on the NSC site (it never ends), starting my CS 352 project (cache simulator), and starting my last Physics homework.

5. You've said to make someone else smile:
Look at the new NSC site, your puppy is beautiful, imitation of our Physics professor (thick Russian accent), I got a picture of you two dancing (she had a boyfriend, and was just dancing with a friend but was not happy that I was keeping a record of it), and if you keep telling him things are easy the final will be really hard (this was because a friend of mine in CS 337 remarked that some proof he gave us was really easy).

Whoops, so much for a short post. huh? =P

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