Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TLD Spring Show

For my last semester in Texas Latin Dance I actually participated in a dance company! This means that you create/learn a choreography (though all I personally contributed to the dance I was in was the song selection) and then perform it at TLD's show at the end of that semester as well as events around campus and possibly around Austin. Since I'm graduating I won't get to perform this one again with the group, but it was a lot of fun learning it and something that I always wanted to do (dance on stage). Next hurdle: perform classical guitar on stage. I have performed it in front of medium sized audiences, but not in a recital/concert setting.

Anyway, one of the officers filmed the show on a half-way decent camera so I took it into the DMS lab in the business school for some light editing and encodings that took forever (for the Web and for the DVD). Here's the compressed version of the entire show, for the Web:

Texas Latin Dance 2008 Spring Show from Eptiger on Vimeo.

I think it was one of our best, if not the best, show we've had in the 2 years I've been in TLD! Though my personal favorites were probably Texas Revue, Bachata, and Mezcla.

If you turn to 26:05 you can see the dance I'm in, or you can just watch the even lower quality YouTube cut. I'm the last guy on the front row in the formation.

I'll return on Thursday with the public release of my short film "The Truth About Net Neutrality". Then, I hope to write a full blog post this weekend with a recap of this week's news. I've already been accumulating a pretty decent amount of news so there will be much to talk about.

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