Thursday, July 19, 2007

Microsoft Screws Over Linspire

Sorry about missing last night, but there wasn't even much to talk about, and there isn't a whole lot more now. There is still the story of how Microsoft is being a jerk to Linspire. Basically, they came out swinging saying that Linspire was violating some patents, despite being covered under the GPLv3 license, then forged an agreement with them, and now they're saying that some new software from Linspire is violating said agreement. They've done the same thing to Novell in the past, but Novell was the reason for GPLv3, which restricts companies from getting involved with Microsoft in cross-patent agreement because you cannot make agreements with companies in the business of selling software under v3, which Microsoft naturally hates so they've been chopping at Linspire, who did settle with Microsoft under much litigious pressure for the name "Lindows" and now are screwed again. I really try to not rag on Microsoft like every other geek does, but I just can't help it. Microsoft, you are retarded. In my opinion, this is really really bad press. Maybe I'm being too optimistic here, but will this not get out into the mainstream? This is evil. They're using scare tactics to get Linux distros to double back on GPLv3 and come to the dark side. I'm no legal expert, but if these guys are covered under GPLv3, and didn't steal technology from Microsoft, then aren't Microsoft threats pretty empty? After all, they're not even citing the specific patent violations. Anyhow, the culture of ownership in this country is extremely annoying, and no one brings it out better than Microsoft.

NetworkWorld has a rather long article about the 12 IT skills employers can't say no to. It's annoyingly spread over several pages, but most of those skills really are pretty important, as I've found out. Networking, open-source experience, UI experience, etc. are all pretty attractive skills. If you're looking for a tech job, you should probably look that over.

If you want to be a stalker, then you should try tracking someone down geographically using the first six digits of their phone number. It's an interesting little Google mashup, but I can't imagine it's all that accurate with cell phones. However, it was almost dead-on with my parents' land line. Anyway, an interesting tool to add to your stalker toolkit.

I didn't know that Suicide Girls had male columnists, I always assumed it was just a softcore porn site for geeks or something, but Will Wheaton put up a pretty good editorial about his experience spending a weekend unplugged from the Internet. Personally, I think I'd feel kind of bothered spending a weekend without access to a computer at all. I guess I'm just that addicted, but I suppose if I was planning a romantic getaway with my girlfriend or something, I'd do it so I could give her my full attention. Otherwise, no dice.

There's this program I discovered yesterday called Jing (strangely enough, that was the name of my prom date, but prom wasn't very good) that basically allows you to take pictures and videos from you computer screen whenever you want and upload them instantly. I like that idea because I often find myself e-mailing screenshots manually, and doing videos would be even better. Unfortunately, I can't try it from my work computer, so try it out and let me know how it is!

You knew it was coming: the Apple news. If you have an iPhone and you want to use SSH from it (I know that sounds stupid, but geeks like me salivate over that ability), you should check this out. It's probably not all that secure, I'd imagine, but still awesome for your home Linux machine or maybe one at school or something. The other Apple news is that Best Buy has expanded its Apple pilot program to more stores and has fancy displays to go with it. I'm curious as to how much money Best Buy makes off of sales of Apple computers? Given that Apple controls its pricing, it can't be that much, can it?

Lastly, I just have to point and laugh at this video game about your e-mail. This may be the stupidest idea for a video game I've ever heard, and it even has a trailer to go with it. It's all about horribly drawn half naked women poolside. If gamers want that, they'll get Leisure Suit Larry, thank you very much.

M Night Shyamalan somehow got John Leguizamo and Mark Wahlberg to star in his upcoming movie The Happening. It's amazing that big name actors are still willing to work with Shyamalan even in the wake of his last couple of movies facing harsh criticism, and I just hope that this movie ends up being good, at least.

The Wolverine spinoff movie finally has a director, and it's actually acclaimed South African director Gavin Hood. That's a lot better than most of us would've expected, so this should be interesting, to say the least.

Kevin Smith's next film is called Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and it takes a detour from the View Askewniverse, but he did manage to get Rosario Dawson to play Miri, which is a part he wrote for her. Aside from the title, no idea what it's about, but Kevin Smith is pretty pleased with the script he churned out and he's pretty funny so I'm hoping for good things.

Now for some multimedia. Yahoo Movies has a couple of clips from The Simpsons Movie, only one of which is funny, but something is better than nothing I guess. The other clip is for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (what's with all these unnecessarily long titles lately?), and it's actually good for a chuckle. My opinion of this movie is starting to turn for the better, but I probably won't end up seeing it opening weekend.

By popular demand, I'll leave you with a picture from work:

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

1. Do you believe that we as humans were meant to have just one person we are paired with for life? Why/why not?
Yeah, I think I do. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do believe that God has a plan, and I think that plan involves one person that we each belong with. Call me a crazy romantic, I guess, but that is how I feel.

2. What do you think about famous people who have huge egos and/or are general not nice people? Do you think they have any right to behave as such? Are you able to ignore them and still enjoy their work, or does their attitude just kill the experience for you? Why/why not?
You mean like Russell Crowe? I don't really care for that. I don't know that it makes me boycott their movies, but I'm less likely to want to see their movies just subconsciously.

3. Do you believe that our happiness may be all about how we handle life's changes and curve balls? Why/why not?
Definitely. I think that being happy is predicated on how well you can handle your life when things get rough. If you dwell on the bad too much, how can you be happy? Fortunately, my girl keeps be happy, even when I'm down, and I feel blessed for that.

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