Friday, July 20, 2007


Hey guys,

I'm sorry to say this, but I have to take a break from this blog. Today was probably the worst day I've had since my car accident, and so naturally my heart isn't really into blogging right now. Aside from that, I'm going to be working every day for the next 11 days to get my project for work done by August 1. I'm not saying that I'm taking a break for that long, but I'm warning you guys that I'm just going to be insanely busy and I'm just not feeling very good right now. Maybe I'll feel better in a few days, maybe in a week, who knows.

This is not a cry for help. I'm not sick or dying. I will be just fine. Since I'm sure many of you will ask me what you can do I'll tell you right now: enjoy your life =P Don't worry about me. I've already talked to the people who can help me, and the only other people who can help me are obviously my teammates at Amazon. I'm just feeling stressed out of my mind right now. It's not Amazon's fault, I still love it there, and I'm convinced that I will not fail them, but that prospect scares me enough to make me work 11 days straight.

This is NOT the end. I will return. I just need a break. Oh, and in case any of you are getting the wrong idea about this: no, my girlfriend hasn't done anything bad to me. She's a phenomenal person, and I still love her very much, and I'm pretty sure that she still loves me. I'll leave you all with a few pictures.

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JennYfer said...

Love you bud. Everything will be okay!